Why is Logan Paul fighting KSI

YouTubers let their fists speak: Boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI

Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched a boxing match between two well-known Youtubers via livestream. In terms of sport, neither Logan Paul nor Olajide William could win - financially they both won.

A boxing match between two YouTube stars drew hundreds of thousands of viewers to the screens on Saturday. In addition to the around 15,000 spectators in the Manchester Arena, more than 750,000 people followed the fight between the American Logan Paul (23) and the British Olajide William (25), known as KSI, via YouTube livestream. The match between the two amateur boxers was advertised as "the biggest internet event in history". They parted with a draw after six rounds.

Together, the two have around 37 million subscribers on YouTube. With their music and slapstick clips on the video platform, they have long since become rich. Before the fight, they had been hounding each other in their videos for weeks. The fact that they really let their fists fly should make the cash registers of the Internet stars ring: Each viewer on the screen had to pay eight euros to see the fight. No wonder they have already agreed to a rematch in the US.

Both stars are not without controversy. Logan Paul caused an outcry earlier this year when he showed the body of someone who had committed suicide in one of his videos. KSI has been criticized several times for allegedly sexist statements.