How auction houses acquire art

Buying art at auction

Some information is summarized below. Further important information can also be found in our auction terms and conditions and in the FAQ area.


How can I bid at the auction?

There are four ways to participate in our auctions:

a) Live in the hall with a bidder card

b) Live during the auction by phone

c) Bids submitted in advance in writing (fax, letter, email) or online

d) Live on the Internet

You can also find some examples in the FAQ section.

a) Auction room

Certainly the most exciting option. You register in the auction house and receive a room bidder number. When the lot number is called up, you can place a bid by lifting the bidder card. As a new customer, we ask you to present your ID when registering and to bring a € 5 deposit with you. As soon as you hand in the bidder card, you will receive the deposit back. As long as the card is in your possession, it is valid for further auctions - so be careful!

b) telephone

You have previously instructed us in writing to get you the desired lot number. to contact us on the phone number given to us. You take part in the auction live on the phone. An employee sends your bids to the auctioneer. Telephone bids are made for lot numbers. accepted with a limit of € 150 and higher. However, this service carries the risk that we cannot reach one or the other bidder. Participation in bidding by telephone also means bidding at least the limit of the desired position, even if we should not be able to reach you to call. Otherwise, the following also applies here: the telephone bid must always be available to us in writing 24 hours before the start of the auction.


Bidding order for download


You need the "Adobe Reader" software to view the bidding order. If you don't already have it, you can download it here.

c) Written bids

In the case of written pre-bids, the bidder determines the amount and the auction house bids - if necessary - on behalf of the bidder up to the bid amount entered. Written bids are considered "cheapest up to" the specified highest bid, so the knockdown can also be at a lower price. The written bid is the bidder's highest bid and is only known to the auction house or auctioneer. Please use our corresponding forms for this purpose.

Written bids can be faxed, sent by email or post or submitted during the preview. If you use our homepage, you can also manage your bids in the so-called "My Account" area, but they must in any case be submitted 24 hours before the start of the auction. Further information can also be found in the auction terms and conditions.


Bidding order for download


You need the "Adobe Reader" software to view the bidding order. If you don't already have it, you can download it here.


            Bid via the online catalog



You have a customer account with various information. The objects on which you are bidding are listed under "Bids". You can use the watch list and bid planning.

            And this is how you place a bid online:

1. Go to the menu item "Auctions".

2. Click on "Online Catalog". All items in the auction are listed here with a picture, minimum price and description. For a detailed description, click on "Submit a bid", the picture or the title of the item.

3. Now click in detail on "Submit a bid". A dialog window opens in which you can enter your bid and see the minimum bid and your previous bid.

4. Enter the bid amount without commas, cents and zeros.

5. Please place several bids on your bid plan and then send them all together. You can also send individual bids immediately.

5.1. Submit your bid immediately: Click on "Bid". If you are placing a bid on our website for the first time, please confirm the terms and conditions and complete your profile to continue. Now confirm your bid.

5.2. Set to bid plan: Click on "Set to bid plan". You will receive a confirmation that the bid has been added to your bid plan and can now close the dialog box or continue to the bid plan or bid list.


d) Live on the Internet

You can also take part in our auction live on the Internet. The bidding takes place here as with hall bidding, only from your PC. You have to be registered and activated in advance. Further information can be found under the menu item "LiveAuction".

IMPORTANT: applies to all options - bids are binding!

No bids can be withdrawn or reduced in amount. With the submission of bids accept our currently applicable auction conditions.

To ensure execution, bids submitted in writing or online must be available at least 24 hours before the start of the auction.


Prices in the catalog

The prices stated in the catalog are limit prices; bids below this are only accepted with reservations, if at all. Objects that are offered without a limit are called for at € 5, unless there are multiple written bids.

State descriptions

See § 3 of the auction terms and conditions (see below).


List of abbreviations

See separate menu item in the service area.


All dimensions in the catalog are given in cm and in the order of height x width x depth.

Pictures and descriptions

All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be used in any form, including electronically, without prior approval.


Is only possible on the viewing days before the respective auction. During the auction, the entire auction item is presented on two screens in the hall or as a fade-in under "Liveauktion" on our website on the Internet. No liability for incorrect displays, the catalog text is always decisive!

Bidder Numbers

Receive room bidders at the cash desk. Please return the bidder numbers, we warn against misuse.

Bidding steps


Catalog price

Art auction: € 10.00 for collection, € 13.00 for shipping; € 17.00 for other European countries. Annual subscription with shipping € 40.00, European countries € 60.00.

Varia auction: € 8.00 when shipping in Germany (not in Berlin), € 12.00 for European countries. Annual subscription (also Berlin) with shipping € 25.00, European countries € 45.00.


Invoice and payment

We send the invoices by email, if we don't have an email address, by post.

You can pay for your purchase in cash, with an EC card, check (if you are known to us as a customer) or by bank transfer. Payment by credit card is only possible with Visa or Mastercard (a service fee is charged for credit cards). The goods can only be issued after receipt of payment.


Bank details

Berliner Volksbank 541 238 3003 (BLZ 100 900 00)

Berliner Sparkasse 190 086 386 (BLZ 100 500 00)

Shipping of goods

The dispatch takes place only after receipt of a written dispatch order by parcel service. The dispatch takes place in the name and at the risk of the buyer, also the costs for packaging and dispatch are at his expense. Every package is insured by us; we assume no liability for any damage that has been rejected by our insurer. Please take a close look at the parcel upon receipt and have any external damage confirmed by the deliverer if possible.



A surcharge of 23% (plus VAT) is added to the hammer price.