How do I draw a map

Map sketches do not contain all the details of an atlas map, only the most basic features. They are drawn to highlight important elements of a card. For example, if you look at the physical map of Germany (33.1), you can see a lot of information from this map. Not only are the largest German rivers and cities shown, but also the elevation profile and the most important railway connections. Adjacent areas of neighboring countries are also shown on the map. Overall, it is a detailed physical map.

Advantages of a sketch map
For example, if you want to get a quick overview of the largest rivers, cities and mountains, a sketch of the map helps to “simplify” the atlas map. Only selected contents are drawn in the sketch. This allows the amount of information to be reduced and the content to be limited to the essentials.

Draw a sketch map
There are a few things to consider when making a sketch of the map. First of all, it is determined what content the finished sketch should contain. A suitable atlas map serves as a basis and is either drawn or traced. Tracing is better and more accurate. Transparent paper is suitable for this because it is clear enough to see the most important parts of the card. However, this must be well secured so that it does not slip. When transferring the orientation lines (e.g. national borders) from the base map, you should only draw lightly so that the pen does not penetrate. The orientation lines do not have to show every bend, but should only contain the most important features. When drawing in the information, it makes sense to use different colors. The colors that are mentally associated with the map element are best suited. Rivers and lakes are drawn in blue, mountains in brown, cities and borders in red. Since the lettering would take up a large part of the map area, it is better to number cities, for example, and to enclose rivers and mountains with letters Mistake. The respective names are listed in a legend next to the map. The legend also contains information about the color and shape of the individual elements on the map. A sketch of the map should also contain an indication of the scale. If the map has been traced, it can be transferred from the atlas map.
A. Laubitz-Bertram