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As a homeday partner broker, you save our customers thousands of euros in commission and at the same time receive an attractive income - because you can simply sell more properties successfully with Homeday. We provide you with an average of 15 high-quality, qualified leads per month. Cold calls are a thing of the past for you. And that also means less stress: a large team of experts supports you in your daily tasks and takes care of coordinating appointments and dealing with authorities. Innovative tools such as the homeday price assistant for real estate appraisal simplify and accelerate complex processes. This gives you more time for your customers and for the conclusion of sales contracts. Sounds good?

Then apply now as a homeday partner broker.

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All advantages as a homeday partner broker at a glance:

Attractive income

Homeday partner brokers achieve an average success-based commission income of 5,000 - 8,000 euros after 6 months.

Quality leads

You save yourself cold calling. You will receive around 15 high-quality, pre-qualified leads from your region from us every month.

More time with the customer

We take care of all inquiries and the entire paperwork sales process for you: from the exposé to the appointment of the notary.

You are your own boss

As a homeday partner broker, you support us on an independent basis and thus remain your own boss as an independent real estate agent.

State of the art technology

Homeday supports you with modern tools, efficient processes and a strong team with high online marketing competence.

A strong brand

As one of the fastest growing brokerage companies in Germany, more than 200 partner brokers trust us. You too can become part of this strong brand.

Become a real estate agent:
The most important questions and answers real estate agents will be:
The most important questions and answers real estate agents will be:
The most important questions and answers

How do I become a real estate agent on Homeday?

To become a homeday partner broker, simply fill out our form at the beginning of this page. We will then contact you and find out in an initial conversation whether our ideas and goals match. Our recruiting process is divided into three discussions in which you can get an idea of ​​the cooperation and we have the opportunity to get to know you better.

If we mutually decide to work together, you will receive intensive, multi-day onboarding before you start, during which you will get to know our values, processes and part of the management team. We will introduce you to our internal structures, tools and our vision. In addition, existing homeday partner brokers will give you an insight into their everyday work and answer any questions you have on your mind.

Does that sound exciting to you?
Then become part of our team now by filling out the form at the beginning of this page. We look forward to your application as a homeday partner broker.

How do you become a real estate agent?

If you want to become a real estate agent, you don't need a special school career, special training or a degree. The only formal requirement is an official permit required by Section 34c of the Trade Regulations. According to Paragraph 1 Clause 1, it is mandatory for everyone who "[...] professionally mediates the conclusion of contracts on land, rights equivalent to land, commercial rooms or living quarters or who can provide evidence of the opportunity to conclude such contracts."

However, permission from the authorities is subject to certain conditions:

    • The applicant must not have been convicted of "[...] a crime or theft, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, breach of trust, money laundering, forgery of documents, stolen goods, usury or a bankruptcy offense [...]" in the past five years
    • No insolvency proceedings may be pending against him or have taken place in the past

In order to apply for the broker license, these documents are required in addition to the application form:

    • criminal record certificate
    • Extract from the central business register
    • Information from the debtor register
    • Information from the insolvency register

In order to work independently as a real estate agent, it is also necessary to apply for a trade license after the official permit has been issued. It is also advisable to take out professional liability and property damage liability insurance.

Although special training is not compulsory, Section 34c of the Trade Regulations stipulates that real estate agents receive regular further training: 20 hours are required within three calendar years.

What does a real estate agent do?