What is the importance of merchandising


Definition: what is merchandising?

Merchandising describes all measures that contribute to sales promotion.

The corporate communications environment is becoming increasingly complex. Merchandising is not a classic communication measure, but has developed into an important instrument for sales promotion and sales promotion.

This instrument includes the optimal placement of advertising signs, product placement, special campaigns, give-aways, promotions for image carriers, etc. Without exception, this involves targeted sales promotion for dealers. Advertising measures by the manufacturer, such as print advertisements or TV advertising, are not included, but are marketing measures.

Merchandising also refers to the promotion of goods that are associated with a specific brand, film or star. Merchandising based on a particular film, for example, can significantly increase overall revenue through targeted licensing. This can include clothing, toys, groceries or music, for example. Often the products go far beyond the core business of the manufacturer of the original product.

example: With today's abundance of food, the optimal placement of products on the supermarket shelf is of great importance. Merchandising by the retailer in the supermarket would be, in addition to the shelf placement, e.g. a presentation of the product, whereby the customers are made aware and can try the food.

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