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Item Description

Traditional or avant-garde, classic or modern, elegant or rustic: WUNDERWERK est blends in with any environment. 1964 paving clinker harmoniously. The natural, warm shades of color fit on the terrace, in the driveway or in the garden idyll - and also in public spaces, on small and large squares, in pedestrian zones and parks. The paving clinker with mini bevel is made from finely ground clay without any chemical additives and is available in the format 20 x 10 x 5.2 cm. Fired extra hard at around 1,100 ÂșC, the result is an extremely resistant ceramic stone. That makes clinker dirt-repellent, frost-proof and acid-resistant. They are easy to clean and easy to walk on thanks to the slightly rough surface. WUNDERWERK est. 1964 Pavers cannot be damaged by the ravages of time or a storm. Even full sun does not fade its colors, but shines!



Item type Paving clinker
width 10 centimeters
height 5.2 cm
length 20 cm
series SOLTAU
colour Bordeaux colored
surface rough
Weight 2.3 kg / pc.
Abrasion DIN EN 1344-A3
Slip resistance U3
Resistant to road salt Yes
Frost-proof Yes
particularities CE certified corresponds to the requirements of DIN 1344 + DIN 18503