How did Luke Skywalker beat Darth Vader

Star Wars: Mark Hamill finally reveals what happened to Luke's lost hand

Mark Hamill is always a joke in public. With a fresh entry on Twitter, the one from Star Wars in particular proves to be Luke Skywalker well-known actor his courageous humor again. Because the 67-year-old has now revealed a more or less great mystery of the star saga.

On the social media platform, Hamill revealed what happened to the lost one Luke's hand happened. Be warned, however: the breakup couldn't be more morbid and fun.

Luke's hand from Star Wars became the icon of a black comedy

We remember: In The Empire Strikes Back, the second Star Wars part aka Episode 5, released in 1980, there is a confrontation between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. As part of the tense encounter, the dark Sith and father of the future Jedi beats his offspring take off your right hand with a lightsaber. Later we see Mark Hamill in the role of the injured with a robotic hand.

As Mark Hamill has not officially revealed, Luke's hand then apparently left the galaxy far, far away and joined a family known primarily from film and television as an iconic member: The Addams Family.

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Little Known Fact: Luke Skywalker's hand was found by Wednesday and in Thing renamed. "

Actual whereabouts of Luke's hand in Star is still unclear

At Thing it is the English name of the hand that is known from the Addams Family and moves freely from other parts of the body. In this country the character is as ice cold hand known. By the way, what actually happened to Luke's hand in the Star Wars universe is still unclear.

In the eighth edition of the Star Wars Tales comic series tells the comic The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand! the adventurous career of the grasping organ that has had its hands full in history. For example, there are duels against other styluses, including those of Darth Vader. The story is not part of the official Star Wars canon.

The next Star Wars film starts in the form of Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker on 19.12.2019 in German cinemas. It is the conclusion of the Skywalker saga, which began in 1977 in the first Star Wars flick, Star Wars.

Mark Hamill "reveals" the fate of Luke's hand from Star Wars: what do you think?