Can i do a lipstick

Make lipstick yourself: it's that easy!

DIY is all the rage! This not only applies to fashion, but also to beauty products. We have already shown you how to make lip balm yourself. But does it also work for colored lipstick? Sure, of course! We'll show you how quickly and easily you can make lipstick yourself.

Lipstick, every woman's secret weapon. Applied correctly, it conjures up a seductive kissable mouth that hardly anyone can resist. It can even make your teeth look whiter! If you are a DIY queen or maybe you want to become one, then you can also make your own lipstick yourself. Whether delicate nude and rose tones, a dramatic signal red, a dark purple or black: everything is possible! And many ingredients are not necessary for the self-made lip color. Here we go!

Make lipstick yourself: instructions, tips & tricks

Before you start your cosmetics project, you will of course first need the necessary utensils. In addition to a bowl in which you stir your homemade lipstick together,you should have the following items ready:

  • About 1 teaspoon of loose eye shadow color pigments or colored, pressed eye shadow in the desired shade of lipstick
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil or, alternatively, petroleum jelly
  • A wooden stick or something similarly thin to stir
  • A small teaspoon or spatula to scrape out
  • A candle and a lighter
  • A small jar in which you can later fill the finished lip color (you can get it in a set on Amazon, for example)

And this is how you proceed:

First of all, scrape out the color of the eyeshadow completely or put the loose color powder in the bowl. If you want the lipstick color to be less intense, use a little less eyeshadow accordingly. Now you light the candle and hold the tablespoon with the coconut oil over it until it is liquid. This will avoid a major mess that would result from cooking this small amount in a saucepan. Now add the melted coconut oil to the bowl and stir it with the color. Just pour the mixture into the can, let it cool down and your self-made lipstick is ready!

Beauty tip: If you particularly like matte lipstick, you can also playfully achieve this effect yourself by adding a few drops of matte foundation to the above lipstick mixture. The matte effect will then also show on the lips.

Check out this video tutorial again to see how you can make your own lipstick:

Making your own lipstick actually only takes a few minutes and is super easy! In addition, you can mix exactly the color you have always wanted but simply never found in drugstores and other beauty shops. We've found our Sunday occupation before, have you?

Image sources: iStock / dolgachov, iStock / JANIFEST