How do I play a fast bowler

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A perfect bowling game in Wii Sports doesn't just consist of 10 frames. In the training area of ​​Wii Sports you can hone your technique in three bowling mini-games. Not only are these mini-games a fun challenge, they also provide great training for your basic bowling skills.

What kind of training? Read on to find out more about these unique challenges. There are also tips on how to complete the training with a gold or platinum medal.

The concept of the first training exercise (spares) is very simple: hit a few pins, clear the rest with the second throw (spare) and work your way forward. However, you will not be confronted with the usual spares here. Sure, in the beginning there are the spares that occur more often in bowling. But by working your way up to hole 20, more and more precision is required of you when clearing the pins.

The harder spares have “sleeper pins” - cones that are immediately behind another cone. To catch them, you have to be extremely precise and run the ball in a dead straight line. The second big challenge are the "splits" (large gaps between the pins after a throw). Fortunately, you don't come across these until hole 11. If you miss five times, the game is over and you have to clear all the spares before you can get to the next hole.

If your ball doesn't want to roll straight at all, try “lofting” - instead of putting the ball on the track immediately, it is lifted during lofting. When the ball hits the track, the spin is absorbed by the impact.

This technique requires you to move your arm further up. Each throw creates an angle at your elbow. When lofting, this angle must be 90 ° (right angle). Once you get to that point, release the B Button. This process needs to be done quickly - the faster you raise your arm, the stronger the lofting effect that should bring the ball past the first mark on the lane. This technique is especially important in the mini-game "Spin".

Throwing power
In the second training game, "Throwing Power", the standard pin formation is supplemented by an additional row in each level. In the 10th level you will then have an incredible 91 pins! You have one throw per level and receive one point for each pin cleared. In the case of a strike (clearing all pins with the first throw) you will receive twice as many points as there were pins in this level.

It is particularly important that in this mini-game there is no gutter (channel at the edge of the lane), but a gang from which the pins bounce off, making them dance. So you don't have to throw the ball particularly hard, as the name of the mini-game might suggest. Just hit the pocket and let the tumbling pins do the rest.

Sworn gang
The more the triangle of pins grows, the more difficult it becomes to aim and hit the red front pin and pocket. Fortunately, there is a trick: there are white Wii Sports logos on the gang. Aim your throw just behind the first logo and roll the ball right up to the board. It will ricochet off there and roll straight into your pocket. If you are aiming for the right hand rail you will need to give your ball a left spin and vice versa. This technique does not guarantee a strike, but it does significantly increase your chances.

The secret of the 91 pins
You can take a strike at the final stage without even hitting a pin. However, this requires a certain skill - and strong nerves. If you manage to make the ball roll the full length of the board, there will be a click, followed by an explosion that will knock all 91 pins down.

To have a chance at all with this technique, you need to master lofting. When the frame starts, press the A Button and move the target point two clicks to the right. Then press the A Button again to adjust the direction. Move your Mii all the way to the right, next to the gang (or the opposite of these instructions if you're left-handed). Then loft the ball. By lofting it lands on the board and, in the case of a straight throw, rolls to the very end, so that you receive the bonus. However, if the ball is not thrown perfectly, you may end up with no points in the last frame.
In the last of the training mini-games, you only need to hit one pin per lane. In order to catch this, however, you have to skim around obstacles and thus possibly change your normal approach.

If all 20 lanes are to be cleared, straight throws, twist and lofting must be used. The first six lanes require a dead straight throw, but after that a combination of twist, lofting and, if at all possible, magic must be used, especially after you hit lane 16. Here you need to make a precision throw over an obstacle. If you fail at this five times, it is game over.

Close to the edge
If there are several throws, the only way to bypass the obstacle is to “dangle along” the gutter. The ball rolls directly along the edge of the gutter and only turns towards the pin after half of the path. This technique requires you to aim at an angle that will take the ball past the final obstacle. Then move your Mii next to the gutter so that the red directional line touches it (this should probably be at the level of the foul line). You are now in position for your throw. Roll the ball and give it some spin. It should run along the edge of the track and finally turn back towards the pin behind the last obstacle.

Colorful balls
As in the main bowling game from Wii Sports, the color of your ball can also be adjusted in the training exercises of the mini-games. To do this, press the D-Pad on the Wii Remote just as the screen goes black before the game starts. Pressing to the right gives you a gold ball, downwards a green one, to the left a purple one and upwards a blue one. If you have reached professional status in Wii Sports Bowling, you can also use the professional ball in the practice games.

Here we go!
Now that you've honed your technique and mastered some extremely challenging throws, you're ready to hit the bowling alley and secure your Mii a spot in the Wii Sports Hall of Fame with a perfect 300-point score!