What are hard sacrifices


Generic terms
  • The hour strikes (someone's) · (one's) last hour has struck · take (his) last breath · ↗ decay · ↗ bless the temporal Extinguish enter the eternal hunting ground ↗dish dish ↗divide ↗dying · ↗dying away ● Closing (the) eyes forever, veiling · (the) rows thinning fig. · ↗ to cede fig. · Depart from life fig. · ↗to go on fig. · ↗depleep fig., Covering · ↗fall military · ↗go covering · gehengo away fig., Covering · Gently falling asleep enveloping, fig. · Take the last step fig. · ↗die main form · leave us veiled · step down from the stage (of life) fig. · Go from us fig. Pinch your ass vulg., Fig. · Hand over (the) spoon coll., Fig., Casually · start (his) last trip coll., Fig. · ↗ to pass away, veil · to be carried away (by) inf. · ↗ to pass away, veil · ↗ to give up the spirit inf. · Go the way of all flesh. · Pull up your hooves coarse, fig. · Believe in it (must) inf. · Be recalled to eternity go., Fig. · Drive into the pit inf., Fig. · Go into the pit inf. · Sink into the grave., Fig. · To bite the grass inf., Fig. · Go to exhale one's life. · To give up one's spirit inf. · To exhale one's spirit Judge go, religious, fig. · Go before its creator., Fig.