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Careers advice: who can help with choosing a job?

The end of school is getting closer, but there are big question marks about the professional future. A Career counseling should eliminate these, create orientation, show options and concretise plans. An important service as it is a big and difficult decision to commit to an apprenticeship or a degree. The aim of career counseling is to provide information and to help you find your own personal path. If you are still unsure, career counseling is made for you. Here you can find out what career counseling can contain and which offices offer such counseling ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What is career guidance about?

At its core, career counseling deals with one central question: What should I become? At some point everyone has to deal with which profession they want to pursue. For some people the answer is very easy. You probably also know someone who always knew what they would become later on. After graduating from high school, I'll go to medical school and become a doctor or I am training to be an IT technician - and that's exactly how it turns out.

Already such a decision on the professional future However, having met is far from the rule. Rather, they are exceptions. The vast majority go through school and have absolutely no idea in which direction it should go. In some cases, this even applies to students who have decided on a course of study but do not yet really know which job should follow it.

Careers counseling is intended to provide a remedy for young people better orientation in the professional world to be able to give. The variety of jobs hardly allows an overview, most of them only know a handful of different occupations and are faced with the big decisions of finding a job that will possibly accompany them throughout their entire life and several decades of professional activity.

In order to find suitable and suitable professions, the Interests, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, expectations and ideas analyzed. From this profile of the job seeker, proposals are then developed that are tailored to the respective job seeker. And on the other hand, of course, the professions that do not fit at all or that you cannot even imagine are sorted out.

Goal of career guidance is to fight the insecurity and also ignorance that are very common when it comes to choosing a job. With several thousand degree programs and job opportunities, that's not really surprising - who should know what exactly they want to do and what their skills are particularly suitable for? The career counseling should help to find the right job and not regret the choice of career at a later point in time.

The exact offer varies depending on the provider and the scope of career counseling, but many different areas can be covered:

  • Implementation of Career choice tests
  • About Professions and courses of study
  • Support in self-reflection
  • Search more suitable Apprenticeship or study places
  • Looking for vacancies on the labour market
  • Mediation proposals for suitable positions after a suitability assessment
  • Advice on a fundamental Orientation in professional life
  • Help with questions about the Application documents

For whom is career counseling useful?

The main target group of career counseling are young people who have before Entry into the world of work and have to decide accordingly which job you want to do. These are often students who are about to graduate and do not know whether to study or start an apprenticeship - and certainly not which course it should be or which apprenticeship is the right one.

Primarily, career counseling is aimed at all those who are unsure of themselves, or perhaps also no idea yet have what a later job might look like. So the less you have an idea of ​​what you want to do for a living, the more sensible it is for you to take part in career counseling and get inspiration and concrete suggestions to get a better picture of which jobs might suit you .

However, you can also take care of a career counseling if you already know what career you want to take up. It doesn't hurt yourself to inform again and see if there is anything else that might suit you and your strengths. You do not have to completely reorient yourself if your dream job does not emerge from the advice, but some new insights can be gained in this way.

But even if you are change professionally careers counseling can help to find the right path. Although the offer is mostly used by younger people, anyone who has many years of professional experience is also free to seek advice again.

Careers advice: Here you can get advice

You can get career counseling in different places. Information events are sometimes held in schools to provide orientation before graduation. There are also various contact points that you can turn to if you are interested in career counseling.

  • Federal agency for work

    At the Federal Employment Agency you can make an appointment for an interview that is entirely devoted to career counseling. A profile is created through targeted questions in order to analyze which professions might suit you. The great advantage of this is that the Federal Employment Agency will also give you positions to which you can apply, as many vacant jobs and training positions are registered with the employment office.

  • Coaches and trainers

    Many career coaches don't just offer help when it comes to becoming more successful at work. Careers counseling is also often part of the offer, whereby job opportunities are sought together that correspond to strengths and inclinations. However, it is always important whether the coach has cross-industry experience or mainly comes from an area in which he is well versed.

  • Vocational advice from universities

    Colleges and universities offer another option for career counseling. However, this is only worthwhile if you are interested in a job following a degree, as the advice mainly focuses on which professions can be pursued with a degree that is offered at the university.

  • Online career guidance

    Less personal, but not necessarily less useful, is the option of online career counseling. Numerous sites offer tests that result in a selection of jobs tailored to the answers you have given.

  • Job Information Center (BIZ)

    Another offer from the Federal Employment Agency is the career information center. As a rule, you can use the information offers there without having to make an appointment beforehand and you also have no direct conversation partner, but inform yourself independently.

Are online offers replacing classic career counseling?

Nowadays, almost everything is digital and online - career counseling is no exception. When asked which profession is right for you, people are increasingly looking for an answer online. Suppliers are happy to meet the increasing demand for the tried and tested form of personal career advice on the other hand, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the online competition.

Given the choice, most of them choose it more convenient variant and search online for a job test or information about a job or degree. There are definitely advantages to this, but you should not reject the idea of ​​a personal interview for career counseling right from the start.

Especially if you are completely insecure yourself and do not yet know in which direction you want to develop professionally, a professional external perspective can be helpful. External input can provide new perspectives and ideas. At best, you should combine both possibilities and use both online career counseling options and arrange a meeting with a counselor, for example at the employment agency.

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