What can I export to Morocco

Since 1.2.2020: New conformity control (VoC) for export to Morocco

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) informs:

Morocco has passed a new law, according to which a number of industrially manufactured products must be proven to conform to Moroccan standards when they are imported. The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Commerce has therefore named three companies that will be tasked with monitoring compliance with import regulations from February 1st. These are the French Bureau Veritas, the German TÜV Rheinland and the Spanish company Applus Fomento.

With a few exceptions, since February 1, 2020, every delivery of industrially manufactured products has to be checked in advance for conformity with Moroccan standards. The supplier can freely choose which of the three companies is commissioned with the inspection. The costs are also to be borne by the supplier; fixed tariffs apply. The background to the new regulation is the intention to no longer have to carry out controls at the border crossings and thus to ensure fast delivery.

Safety-relevant articles are the exception - these are still checked at the border crossings and ports on arrival in Morocco and do not require a declaration of conformity. This includes spare parts for vehicles (brake pads, tires, batteries, windshields ...), building materials (ceramic tiles, cement, sanitary facilities, fittings ...), stoves and gas heaters, textile / clothing items, cell phone chargers and carpeting. A detailed list can be requested from the Casablanca Foreign Trade Center.

After a transition period until April 19, 2020, deliveries can only be processed by the importer via the PortNet contact point if the electronically issued declaration of conformity is available.

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