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Baby keepsakes: what to keep and what to throw away!

When it comes to baby stuff, it's about so much more than cute clothes or colorful toys. These things are of great sentimental value to many parents. But since children grow very quickly and quickly accumulate many boxes of clothes, pictures, toys, and other potential keepsakes, we can't keep everything.

To ensure that at some point we do not find ourselves in the position in which we regret having thrown something away or given it away, we need some guidelines. With them we can then decide what we can dispose of with a clear conscience and what we want to keep forever and maybe even pass on.

1. Homemade things

Things that were made especially for the child always belong on the pile of things that are kept. Lovingly knitted sweaters, hand-sewn stuffed animals or even a patchwork blanket - if a family member has taken the effort to make something for the baby by hand, this should also be rewarded. When one day your baby grows up, he or she will be very happy about it. Especially when the gift comes from a beloved grandma who may no longer exist.

2. Favorite items of clothing for a patchwork blanket

There are so many baby items out there with really cute patterns and cute embroidery or embellishments. Of course you can't keep them all, what should you do with them later? But you can very well keep your personal favorite pieces to make a patchwork blanket out of the fabric. A blanket made from the old baby clothes is a wonderful, sentimental gift for the child when one day it grows up. However, not every piece of clothing is suitable for this. Knitted fabrics and fabrics with a very high percentage of elastane are not suitable for a patchwork quilt. So you can confidently say goodbye to them.

3. Favorite toys in a box

Sometimes it helps if you ask yourself what the children would probably really like to have later. If you imagine your own mother suddenly standing in front of the door with 17 boxes full of old toys, would you be happy? Maybe for the moment, but would you still want to keep the 17 boxes in your basement later? No, definitely not.

Ask yourself which toys will still look good in 20 years' time and, above all, which toys your baby really likes to play with. If you still have too many in the end, the box is used: Everything that no longer fits in this one box has to go. Try to really limit yourself on this. So that the toys that your child will see again one day will really be something special for them.

4. Memories for grandchildren

Especially when it comes to baby clothes, they are kept with the wish that they will be worn by future grandchildren. Here you have to choose things that are really high quality and that still look good in a box in the attic even after many years or decades. You should also pay attention to a timeless design, because the future parents may have a completely different taste. If the quality and appearance are right, it is still important to limit yourself to a few individual parts.

It helps if you remain pragmatic: you just can't keep everything. So think about each item whether it is really one of your top favorites. If you could only keep ten pieces from your baby's entire childhood, would that piece still be there? If the answer is no, pass it on and make someone happy who would use it now.

Tip: No matter how expensive the baby seat, the baby seat or the like was, it is not worth keeping these things. It can of course be that the look will be in demand again at some point, but it can also be that the security standards have changed in such a way by then that nobody wants to use them anymore. So if you don't have too much storage space, you can confidently give away your initial baby equipment.

5. Memories for mom

With some memorabilia, we also have to ask ourselves who we really want to keep them for. Because when we're honest we keep things more for ourselves than for our baby. Footprints, ultrasound images and the first little works of art - many keepsakes are so valuable to us because we associate them with very special moments in our lives. We remember the feeling when we saw our baby for the first time on the ultrasound and would like to capture this moment.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you should part with these keepsakes. But here it might be better to make an original keepsake for yourself. A nice scrapbook with important mementos, photos, pictures and maybe even texts in which you can immortalize funny situations or your own thoughts at this time. So we can still remember the beautiful and turbulent first time with our baby in old age and look forward to it.

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