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Deadmau5: These are the seven milestones in his career

The seven milestones on the way to Deadmau5 success

Joel Zimmermann aka.Deadmau5 turns 38 today, January 5th. He can definitely look back on a great career on his special day. However, things did not always go smoothly, which is why we now take a look back at the most important milestones in Deadmau5 Start your career.

1. The stage name

Deadmau5 - not only his artist name, but also the manufacturer's logo and absolute trademark. The name came about after Zimmermann found a mouse skeleton in his computer. His friends gave him the nickname "dead mouse guy" - in the chat system "IRC", however, only eight characters could be entered for his nickname. Hence the pseudonym "deadmau5" arose.

2. The breakthrough

Success often takes time - it also has Deadmau5 experienced in his career. Despite his two albums "Get Scraped" and "Vexillology", which were released in 2005 and 2006, the big breakthrough came in 2008 with his third album. On "Random Album Title"tracks like "Faxing Berlin", "Not Exactly" as well as "I Remeber" gather at the Carpenter Support of cascade got.

The track "Faxing Berlin" (originally "Da Outer Limits") not only helps to break through Deadmau5, but is also the first release on his own label Mau5trap, which was founded in 2007.

The breakthrough and increasing awareness can also be seen in the DJ Mag Top 100 voting of the year: Deadmau5 is represented in 2008 as the highest newcomer in 11th place in the voting.

3. The further development

With what was now his sixth studio album Title Goes Here Joel Zimmermann will release a much more experimental album on September 21, 2012. That is rewarded and he even receives a Grammy nomination for Best Dance / Electronic Album.

As part of the album release, a total of five singles were released, including a.o. The Veldt with vocals by Chris James. The track and the accompanying music video are based on the short story The Veldt of Ray Bradbury

4. The alter ego

Joel Zimmermann, known as Deadmau5 for his progressive house productions, has a lot more to offer. He shows that with his techno alter egoTest pilot. Under this name, Zimmermann put in a B2B with the techno icon Richie Hawtin at the South By South West Festival 2013 in Texas and was able to convince with its musical diversity. The Canadian also used the project in the following years Test pilotto live out his love of techno.

5. The breakouts

Not a real milestone, but still a character trait of the producer who has had a lasting impact on his career. Because Deadmau5 is not only known for its music, but also for its freaks. He is particularly active on Twitter and is not afraid to speak up. That has already happened, among other thingsMarshmello, DJ Sneak, Afrojack, Lady Gaga, Madonna and the TV channel MTV

In October 2018 the first high point of his Twitter frenzy comes: The DJ engages in a discussion with a user in the short message service and writes homophobic and transphobic comments.

Massive criticism from his fans and followers followed, whereupon Zimmermann officially apologized. But that's not the end of the story.

6. The therapy

Announced on October 11, 2018Joel Zimmermannvia Twitter to seek professional help. Therapy should help him to get mental problems under control, because in 2015 Zimmermann took a short social media break because of his depression.

In his statement, he refers to a difficult phase in his life and again apologizes for overly offensive and inappropriate statements. The official announcement shocked many fans, but also created sympathy and understanding for this difficult decision.

7. Where's the drop?

Even if Deadmau5 Twitter outbursts and his therapy announcement shaped the public image in 2018, a lot has happened in the musical field at the Canadian producer. In addition to the release of the two EPs "mau5ville: Level 1" and "mau5ville: Level 2" the album "Where's The Drop" is the focus of interest.

The name already reveals a lot here, because there are no drops on the album. Instead, the 38-year-old has converted 15 of his best songs into orchestral versions. With this, the producer grants a completely new perspective on tracks like "Strobe", "Monophobia" or "Imaginary Friends" and therefore "Where's The Drop" is one of the best albums of the year for us.

Photo credits: Rukes, Deadmau5