People drink their urine

Urine therapy: harmful or healthy?

A small glass of the golden central ray: What makes many people open their eyes in shock is part of the morning ritual for others. It is said that urine is said to strengthen the immune system and provide the body with important minerals when you drink it. We are skeptical and asked an expert what is wrong with these recurring claims.

If you enter the search term "drink urine" on Google, over 750,000 results are suggested. If you click through the pages, it seems that urine is a real miracle cure for dry skin, pimples, psoriasis, immune deficiency and mineral deficiencies. Naturopaths have long been convinced, as have users: "I have felt totally energetic since I've been drinking urine" and "Urine is full of healing powers" can be read there, among other things. However, there are no scientific studies on the effect of the excretory substance.

"You can drink urine and from a scientific point of view, as a healthy person, it has no disadvantages - but neither does it have any advantages," explains Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, urologist and press spokesman for the Professional Association of German Urologists (BDU). According to the expert, urine is solely a waste product of the body: "Our organism thinks something new when it wants to get rid of the urine and the substances it contains."

The bladder is even covered with a protective layer that prevents substances in the urine from getting back into the body. "Everything is designed so that the urine is completely eliminated from the body," says Bühmann. Everything that our body really needs has already been processed in the course of the metabolic processes, the urologist is certain: "There are no more components in the urine that our body could use in any way."

Placebo effect also with urine

But how can it be that so many people swear by the healing powers of urine? It is the placebo effect that plays an important role here, as Bühmann knows. "The mere thought that urine could help can already set self-healing powers in motion," explains the expert, adding: "There are many studies in the medical field in which a healing effect was observed in participants, even though they did not know it , got a placebo. Faith can sometimes heal, "the urologist is convinced.

Urine therapy is only suitable for healthy people

When asked whether it is really safe to drink one's own waste product, Bühmann explains: "In healthy people, urine is sterile and there are generally no health risks to be feared." However, it can become critical if there is an infection and the bacteria are returned to the body. "If it is cloudy and has a pungent smell, the excretory product should not be consumed under any circumstances," emphasizes the urologist.

There are drug residues in the urine

Caution is also advised when taking medication. Because the urine also flushes residues of the various preparations out of the body: "These residues are there because the body wants to get rid of the excess active ingredient. If these residues are returned to the body, it cannot be healthy," says the urologist.

Theoretically, there could be side effects. But that depends on the drug and its breakdown products. The expert assesses the risk of an overdose as rather unlikely, but nevertheless urges caution: "If a doctor prescribes three tablets a day, he means three tablets. So before one boldly embarks on the self-urine therapy experiment, it is better to ask your doctor whether the treatment is safe and to point out all medications and diseases that you have.

Urine: A Secret Mineral Source?

"Those who are healthy, on the other hand, can take urine if they feel better with it," says Bühmann. It doesn't really matter whether you use the central beam or not. And what about the claim that urine is a true source of minerals? "That too is nonsense," says the expert. "As already explained, the urine excretes substances that it no longer needs or would like to get rid of. It makes no sense to feed these substances back into it."

Urine does not strengthen the immune system

Bühmann does not want self-urine therapy to be understood as a strengthening of the immune system either: "The body is neither strengthened by the confrontation with the breakdown products nor is it supplied with important elements. Everything the body needs, it takes from food. Everything that is excreted in the urine , the body perceives as superfluous. "

When it comes to external use, the urologist also remains skeptical: "Even when used on dry skin, pimples, warts or even during a jellyfish attack, urine is ineffective. There is no scientific evidence of an effect."

Urine therapy cannot work miracles

So anyone who dares to dare to use urine internally or externally should not expect miracles. But he doesn't have to worry either, provided he is healthy and not taking any medication. As the expert has already mentioned: From a medical point of view, it is completely nonsensical to ingest urine or use it externally, but sometimes belief moves mountains.

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