How much NEFT allowed by the bank

Foreign transfers to India

IFSC code

The IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) is used to identify the recipient bank or a specific branch in India. This IFSC code is used for NEFT, RTGS and IMPS transfers in India. Under this link the IFSC code can be determined.

Fee options

For international transfers with banks, you have to choose one of the following fee options when placing the order. These have a decisive influence on the total costs.

Recipient pays all fees.

The sender and recipient share the costs.

Sender pays all fees.

Please note that the exact calculation of the fees in advance is not possible. For this, the price information from both banks would have to be available, because most banks also charge additional fees for incoming payments from abroad.

Additional costs from intermediary banks

It is also possible that international transfers are processed via intermediary credit institutions, so-called correspondent banks. This causes additional costs and neither the client nor the beneficiary are informed about these costs in advance. On request, you can find out from your customer advisor whether your international transfer has to be processed through an intermediary bank.

Transfers from India to Germany, Austria and Switzerland

For transfers from India to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the fees for incoming transfers from abroad must be taken into account.

Examples for rough orientation:

1.00 ‰ at least € 10.00 - max. € 150.00. In the case of receipt in a foreign currency, another 0.25 ‰ at least € 2.50 - max. € 100.00 is added.

Between € 3.50 and € 20.00. Depending on the amount and currency.

CHF 6. The fee will be deducted directly from the transfer amount.

You can find out the costs for credits from third countries under analyzed banks, the list of prices and services of your bank or by contacting us directly if these conditions are not shown online.

Send money to India

If you want to send money to a beneficiary in India without them needing to have an account, you can choose between 2 providers. The table shows the conditions for sending € 1,000.

Azimo has over 15,000 cash pick-up locations across India. These include the following bank branches:

The collection points of Western Union can be determined online. To illustrate this, we've identified a few locations with the available pick-up points:

Please note that when paying by classic transfer the money with Western Union can only be ready for collection in one working day, since you have to wait for the money to be received first. It is therefore recommended to use the deposit options Instant bank transfer or Credit card to choose.

Reporting requirement

According to § 11 Foreign Trade Act (AWG) in conjunction with §§ 67 ff. Foreign Trade Ordinance (AWV), foreign transfers from and to Germany from an amount of € 12,500 or the equivalent are subject to the reporting obligation and must be reported to the Bundesbank. You can find more information on this here.