What is the date of the FCI

FCI standard

FCI Standard No. 339 of the "Parson Russell Terrier"

origin: Great Britain

Date of publication of the valid original standard: 22.08.2017

Use: Coarse, resilient work terrier, particularly suitable for work underground


    Group 3 / Terrier
  • Section 1 Tall Terriers
  • Working trial of your choice


General appearance: Happy to work, lively, agile; without exaggeration. Built for speed and endurance, it gives a general impression of harmony and agility. Naturally acquired scars are allowed.

Important proportions: Harmoniously built. The total length of the body is slightly greater than the height from the withers to the ground. The distance from the tip of the nose to the stop is a little shorter than that from the stop to the occiput.

Behavior / character (essence): Originally a terrier bred to work in the burrow, a confident, active, and happy dog ​​with the ability and build suitable to work in burrow. Undaunted and friendly.

You can find the official standard here: FCI STANDARD