What's your most useful household lifehack

38 household hacks that make you scream, "WHY HAVE I ALWAYS DO THIS?"

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The easiest way to cut pizza is with SCISSORS !!!

Recently, the Twitter user FrauHackenpiep asked which ingenious life hacks for household, kitchen and cooking are still too unknown.

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1. And she provided a couple of examples right away: GINGER CAN BE PEELED AND FREEZED WITH A TEA SPOON! 🤯

2. The breakfast ingredients are in the refrigerator in an extra basket so that you don't have to walk back and forth!

3. And rinse aid also helps against water and limescale stains on the sink! No more scrubbing!

And Twitter didn't disappoint - over 350 replies came in within 2 days. Here are the craziest and best life hacks:

4. OMG WHAT? I have to try that!

(And that's the scientific explanation for it)

5. Never again moldy jam ??? Wow!

6. 🍕+✂️=❤️


8. * buy a family pack of baking soda *


And this is how it works:

10. I will never spread toast differently again!

11. OK, your dirty cups and mugs are saved!

12. This trick makes using the sandwich toaster fun again, because you DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN THE DAMNED CHEESE REMAINS!

Here we already have about it

13. Tadaaa!

14. Your stews, soups and sauces will be the same as before!

15. Finally another reason to buy Pringles.

16. * steals grandma’s egg slicer *

17. Frozen grapes> ice cubes!

18. This not only prevents the salmon from burning, it also tastes even better!


20. Bio dishwasher end:

21. Best hand blender cleaning hack:

22. No more moldy toast!

23. Process lemons immediately = no wrinkled lemon residues, but always lemon zest and juice in the house!

24. Chop soup vegetables, freeze flat and use for practically EVERYTHING.

25.Great tip if the microwave is smelly again:

26. Peel garlic in seconds!

27. Why didn't I think of it?

28. Not bad!

29. Speaking of wrapping paper:

30. Your washing machine could use a thorough cleaning again? Voilà!

31. Oh wow, that saves nerves!

32. I didn't expect to buy denture cleaners this early - but if it helps ...

33. Even people without children will find baby wipes really useful.

34. Perfect for large families and better distribution of housework:

35. OMG WHAT ???

36. If your hands are smelly, simply stroke the tap or sink for a moment.

37. Second best way to use a condom:

38. And finally: This is how you can make crispy bacon in the microwave in seconds - without splashing fat!