Are singles as responsible as married people

Married vs. Single - A Conversation Between Friends

So by mid-forties at the latest, the topic is largely over. Not that I want to start here now to pigeonhole people and their ways of life. Nope, nothing is further from me ... anyone who has been reading this for a long time knows that for sure. As a rule, however, the rough course has been set. Professionally, you should then know what you want and perhaps also have a good position in a company, or you should have "achieved something" independently. Maybe not ... in the end, everyone has their own life plans. But it is very likely that in our mid-forties we had already pretty much committed. At least most of us ... I mean in relationship matters ... In our mid-forties, most of us have had a long-term relationship, still have one, or are forever connected to each other through children. Or maybe you're single. But no matter what life plan you pursue yourself: Sometimes you want exactly the opposite and that's why I talked to Cla from Glam up your lifestyle: Married vs. single.

Because no matter how we or maybe life has decided for us - it is a human characteristic that we often put what we don't have on a pedestal. I do that too ... However, I always try to figure it out with myself - after all, it mainly shows dissatisfaction and, unfortunately, often also envy. Especially when it comes to something that the others have. Nope, because you don't actually talk about that ... No, no ... after all, envy is not just a peculiarity, but rather a bad habit. But the feeling that describes this state is not always envy. Because in the end we would most likely not want to trade ... On the surface, the neighbors' grass is of course greener ... the children more good, the figure better, the car thicker and in general ... And of course the single neighbor or girlfriend has no problems at all ... after all, can they do what they want. Or not?

I guess it's not that simple ... and because Lovers' Day was just celebrated worldwide last week, Cla and I talked about it. Is being single a source of eternal satisfaction? Is the relationship, in whatever form, the ultimate? After all, this week many couples vowed eternal love to each other. At least when it comes to the temples of consumption. And already I'm with my topic: Because I, too, occasionally put being single on a pedestal that it may not deserve at all. Conversely, many singles may see married life as too pink - especially when it comes to unfulfilled wishes and it may not have worked out with the right partner ... But no matter how - Cla and I will get to the bottom of a few differences today. Of course, this is only from my point of view ... and by no means universal. But, you know that anyway ... Let's go: married vs. single ... a few honest comments.

  1. I'm never alone - not even at home.

Yes, that's right - I realize that it doesn't apply to all couples. After all, there are enough professional constraints that make it necessary that women and men do not live in the same apartment. But here I can only assume myself and my husband and I share bed and table practically 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year. And as nice as it can be because someone is always there ... Sometimes it would be so nice to have the four walls just to yourself ... Because I really like to be alone ... and I'm really good at it. I have the best ideas when I'm at home all by myself and don't have to do anything, or when nobody is around to “disturb” me just by being there. And yes, sometimes I find that "annoying". But please don't get me wrong ... I don't find my husband annoying, but the feeling - not being able to be alone ... But please don't confuse it with loneliness - I don't want to be lonely. Whereby every relationship in the world is no guarantee that you will not be lonely ... In the same way, a single life is not synonymous with loneliness.

  1. Finance - Accountable for Spending?

Hmmm ... not really ... because my husband and I don't have a joint account. I don't have access to his money and the same applies vice versa ... Nevertheless, I know that he rolls his eyes when I spend my hard-earned money on a bag that is far too expensive ... But here too ... the other way round ... then His passion is technical stuff and I don't understand why the screen has to be "XX1000supervisionmegatoll" ... When I take off my glasses, they both look the same and there are always finger taps on the glasses ... So I don't need a mega resolution ... Because I do have no eagle eyes. And these are just two tiny examples that I picked out here ...

  1. After the office, head straight home ...

Although I see our relationship less committed to the convention, I have to honestly say that spontaneous meetings after work are more difficult to implement ... Especially when spontaneous more often occurs. I tend to believe that this is often a matter of consideration. Because if we both started by not coming home spontaneously after the office in the evening, but instead meeting with friends, that would undoubtedly lead to friction. At least that's what I think ... Of course we both go out with friends after the office ... but it's usually announced and doesn't just happen. And to be honest, I have to admit that my favorite place is my home ... and of course my husband is responsible for that too.

  1. In a marriage you do everything together ...

Uhhhh - no - that's the way it is with nieces ... We have far too different interests for that - at least in parts ... There are also similarities - but while my husband likes winter sports, for example, you can chase me with the cold white. I prefer to spend this time in the warm and cuddle up on the sofa ... Again, my husband finds it difficult to warm up ... hihi ... Besides, my husband likes to play billiards ... I don't. And then there is our different film tastes ... I like to see stories that have a real core and are somehow realistic - my husband is a die-hard SciFi fan ... But in this area I am happy to compromise ... and then watch the bang / Boom / crash films in which nobody in the middle knows what it's actually about ... 🙂 As I said, although we don't find the same activities exciting - the best thing about the relationship thing, whether married or not, for me is that there is someone who is interested in each other's passions and not in trudging through life holding hands from the start.

The subject is not black and white - just my look

In my answers I completely ignored the fact that of course we have children ... and that is why we are not so free in our time management. But that's also the case with many single parents ... I think you know how I mean that ... But today it's about married vs. single. Maybe you would like Cla and I to talk about it again? I would be grateful for your opinion, after all, there are really many more points that we could talk about. Because in any case, the topic is not black and white ... in contrast to my outfit. I stay true to my Friday theme - but this time with lederhosen, blouse, sweater and blazer ... Again a layered look - but still different. I wish you a relaxed Sunday ... All the best - Conny

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