Is entrepreneurship a good job

EntrepreneurshipWhat actually is a good entrepreneur?

Do you then have no clue as to what makes a good entrepreneur? One of my customers once asked exactly this question. I tried to visualize it: someone whom I would expose naked without a cent in Calcutta and forbid him to contact anyone from his previous life would be completely dependent on himself. I now believe that there are people who would have a functioning business and life again within a year, and others who would have died of disease or starvation. And I believe that those who could build a life again within a year can be recognized in advance. I think they differ in three competencies:

First of all, the competence to develop one's own personality and to be clear about one's own role. The ability to develop one's own personality is probably the most recent historical necessity. In comparatively static environments, entrepreneurs used to be able to operate successfully throughout their lives with a static mindset. Today markets change much faster and consequently so do the demands that are placed on entrepreneurs. The more dynamic the world in which we operate, the more necessary the personal development. If I neglect this, I will inevitably find myself in a defensive situation after a few years.