How should a person live

Water is the elixir of life because water is responsible for life on earth. Water is vital for people, animals and plants. But what if water is not available at all times? How long can humans, animals and plants survive without water?

Many factors such as the ambient temperature, the humidity, the physical activity, the age or the state of health determine how long one human actually survived without ingesting water. According to the medical rule of thumb, a healthy young person can survive for about three to four days without hydration. In extreme cases, humans can even go without water for up to eleven or twelve days.

Lots Animals however, have adapted to their environment and can do without water for a very long time. The best known survivors in the animal world are the camels. They can survive in extreme desert conditions for up to 10 months without a drop of water at low stress. This is possible by storing a large amount of water in the fore-stomachs.

Even longer than humans and animals can plants survive without water. Although it often does not rain in the deserts for years, cacti can easily survive there. The trick is that they can hold large amounts of water. In addition, their long roots reach down to the deep water. It takes a long time for a cactus to die of thirst. It wilts, but the next time it rains it fills its water tanks and looks just as fresh as before.


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