Vandals pull the plug out of the socket

LOCK-EE lockable socket, plug and charging connector boxes

The new Lock-EE charging box (read: "Locki") houses a conventional "red" CEE three-phase socket in 380V / 16A or 380V / 32A version, a "blue" CEE 230V / 16A AC socket ("camping socket") or also the type 2 charging plug of your wallbox. The box is lockable, it has a conventional profile cylinder and is simply opened and closed with the key.

Lock-EE is ideal for you as an e-car driver with a mobile charger to protect your charging equipment against unauthorized use and against pulling or theft of the plugged-in charging cable / charger.

Lock-EE is made of very solid and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and offers extensive protection against break-ins. Lock-EE is also well protected against vandalism.

When the Lock-EE is opened, the cover swings upwards with a cushioned gas spring after unlocking, so that you have both hands free to insert or remove the plug. To close, swivel the cover down, lock it and remove the key - done! You can find a short video here.

We start with our Lock-EE series in the two standard versions CEE 380V / 16A and CEE 380V / 32A as well as the version to accommodate the Type 2 charging plug, which you can find under the various article numbers. Further variants are in preparation.

The Lock-EE lockable socket box is "made in Germany" because all sheet metal and turned parts are manufactured by medium-sized companies in Germany according to our specifications. The Lock-EE socket boxes are also assembled in Germany: We carry out the assembly ourselves. That's the way it is and it will stay that way, I promise.

Can't find the lockable box you're looking for in our range? Talk to us and we will clarify together what we can do. "Customizing" is also possible: adding names or parking space numbers, color coding, installing a profile cylinder from your locking system, to name just three examples. There are many options, talk to us!