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Fetish Lexicon Terms Explanations - Wiener Blutgasse

Fetish Lexicon Terms Explanations - Wiener Blutgasse

little fetish lexicon According to lexicons, fetishism is not exclusively sexual fixation such as leather, latex, lacquer, feet, boots and much more from dominatrix to binding Explanation Explanation Tips The term fetishism is used in various specialist areas with different meanings


The term fetishism from Latin facticius, (imitated) or facere (to make), in the sequence of port. Feitiço (sorcery, witchcraft) or the adjective feitiço (fake, artificial, imitation) is used in various specialist areas with different meanings . In the area of ​​sexuality, fetishism refers to the fixation on mostly inanimate objects, but sometimes also on body parts (e.g. feet, breasts, the buttocks). The fetish serves as a stimulus or as a substitute object for the ordinary sexual act with the human partner, which often - but not necessarily - remains the primary object of desire. In detail, the definitions of the term differ greatly from one another. The differences relate in particular to the question of whether fetishism is an equal preference or a disorder to be treated. In addition, the definitions differ on the question of whether fetishism only exists when fixation on an object is the most important or only source of sexual arousal, or whether it is also present when fetishism is one of several preferences

Common fetishes

The most common fetishes are clothing such as shoes, rubber boots (shoe fetishism), stockings, tights, underwear, aprons, leather clothing, sportswear, rainwear, swimwear, jackets, headgear, diapers, uniforms, glasses and piercing. It is not uncommon for the fetish to be limited to a single model or a specific specimen. It can also be decisive whether the clothing was worn or who was the previous owner

Non-clothing fetishes seem to be less common. Mostly these are items that complement clothing such as military medals, clothing-like objects such as plaster casts (plaster fetishism) or artificial limbs such as prostheses or wheelchairs. Furthermore, smoking instruments such as cigarettes and tobacco pipes as well as smoking as an activity can have an appealing effect (smoking fetishism)

With many object fetishes, the material of the object is decisive. This goes so far that the object becomes interchangeable as long as the material remains the same; In this case one speaks of material fetishism. Typical preferred materials are fabrics such as leather, PVC-coated fabrics (lacquer), fur, wool, mohair, silk, jeans, nylon, satin, lycra and plastics such as latex and rubber. Furthermore, inflatable objects can exert a special attraction due to their plastic cover and their peculiarity of bursting (balloon fetish). Body parts such as B. Feet, legs, buttocks, breasts, armpits or ears can be fetishes

Causes and origins

When, why and how a fetish arises is still unclear. Many fetishes seem to arise very early in a person's life, possibly through conditioning or imprinting, others arise later and can be linked to a specific event through psychoanalysis. According to some researchers, deprivation of love or premature weaning are also possible causes. Fetishism can also accompany a more complex mental disorder. It is considered likely that fetishism is not passed on through heredity, but inherited traits could well influence the likelihood of a person developing fetishistic tendencies. The following subsection provides an overview of the most important explanatory approaches

  • Wikipedia: Sexual Fetishism Homepage

Small fetish dictionary

You can find important keywords from the BDSM contact and fetish scene in our glossary


For example, the chest or testicles are tied with leather straps or ropes. Care should be taken to ensure that it is not too tight and that there is no blood flow. Active Another name for the top, the dominant partner

Anal stretching

The anus is stretched with fingers, dildo or fist. Be careful when stretching, stretch the area slowly and over a longer period of time so that it does not tear. Use plenty of lubricant!

Doctor games (clinic games)

Gynecological "examinations" or the placement of a catheter. Particularly when placing a catheter, it is essential to get detailed information beforehand, as it involves very high risks

Breath control

Game form which restricts the ability to breathe or prevents it in time. Here you should be very concentrated and considered!


Strikes on the feet, mainly the soles


Abbreviation for Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. In German: bondage & upbringing, domination & submission, sadism & masochism. This term comes from the American and covers a very large area, so it should rather be seen as a generic term


Bondage games (e.g. with ropes, chains or hand and ankle cuffs). A particularly artistic form is the Japan bondage, which is usually made from a rope and without (or with a few) knots. Bondage is to be understood as an independent form of sadomasochism


A term for the controlled, passive, submissive partner


Brand marks, in which the skin is burned with very hot pieces of metal. This can result in scarring and there are definitely permanent marks


Internet portals in which private or commercial people present themselves in front of a camera, also for online education and living out the fetish

Carotid Sinus Reflex

This is a control mechanism for blood pressure in the neck that has often caused a number of accidents and deaths. An increased blood pressure thus simulated for the body results in a rapid and dangerous drop.


A ring that encloses the testicles, the tail or both and thus prolongs an erection or is intended to prevent hosing. (available in almost every sex shop)


External signs, such as cloths (especially known in the gay scene), O-rings and the like, which indicate a certain orientation. (see e.g. Hanky-Code)

code word

Also called a safe word. A word that is agreed between the game partners before the start of a session. Using this means that the game is stopped immediately for the partner. The traffic light safe word is also popular. Two codes are identified. E.g. "yellow" means: Caution, you are moving in my limit area, but don't end the game, don't go any further. "Red" in turn means the immediate termination of the session.


The English word for consensual. (Safe, Sane and Consensual, SSC for short. Safe, healthy and consensual. The basic rules of S / M.)


Important when meeting people who are still unknown. You agree on certain times with a person you trust, at which you will call or give this person key data such as the name of the unknown person or where you will meet him. If something should happen, the friend can react and take pre-arranged measures.

Cross dressing

Term used for wearing clothing of the opposite sex. Crossdressers are the name of the people who love this variant. They don't have to be transsexuals or homosexuals.


Latin term for oral sex with a woman


Engl. For cutting games. Form of blood sports in which the skin of the "passive" is injured with knives (e.g. scalpel or needles). You should definitely find out beforehand in which area you can safely cut and how deeply. In addition, it is essential to disinfect the wound area. Caution is advised if you come into contact with blood (risk of infection with AIDS, hepatitis and other infectious diseases)!

Stretching games

The vaginal and / or anal area is gradually stretched with fingers, dildo, plug or fist. -> see also "Fisting"

Deprivation (sensory)

Engl. For sensory deprivation. (All) sensory perceptions are withdrawn from the buttom (e.g. through blindfolds, ear plugs, latex masks, etc.). This increases the perception of the other senses or the sensitivity of the buttom.


Different. Another, more neutral attempt to give the term "perversion" a new name. One speaks of deviant behavior (e.g. in psychology).


submissive, serving. people are referred to as submissive who submit to others to increase their own pleasure and who voluntarily allow themselves to be dominated through the use of physical or psychological methods - wiki: submissive homepage

Dom / Domina / Dominant

male / female Abbreviation for dominant. The dominant partners in D / s games or D / s relationships are dominant. wiki: dominant homepage

D / S

Abbreviation for Dominance and Submission. For some time, two basic directions have been distinguished in sadomasochism. In addition to the "classic" S / M, D / s means the establishment of power structures between the dominant and the submissive part. D / s can be present within a session, but can certainly be viewed as a relationship model. (see also -> 24/7, EPE or TPE). The D / s area is all about playing with power, which does not necessarily have to involve pain or humiliation.

Dress code

English term for dress code. At many parties and other events, compliance with a certain dress code, e.g. Lacquer, leather, latex and other fetishes, or if it is not handled so strictly, black clothing is required from the organizer.

Endorphins hormones

which the body pours out during stress or pain. Endorphins are, among other things, responsible for the "kick" that occurs after a certain period of time in many passives. At a certain point, which can vary from person to person, the body releases endorphins and thereby increases the pain tolerance of the buttom.

EPE (Erotic Power Exchange)

Abbreviation for "Erotic Power Exchange". In this form of D / s relationships, the dominant part always has the opportunity to take over power over sexual life or to determine its sexual orientation


From English for the area of ​​female dominance


Expression for oral sex with a man


According to dictionaries, fetishism is not exclusively sexual fixation on an object such as clothing made of certain materials such as leather, latex or lacquer, but also fingernails, feet, boots and much more. Just looking at it, smelling it or touching it can trigger strong stimuli. A real fetishist hardly manages to orgasm without his or her fetish (a certain piece of clothing)


Inserting a whole hand or fist into the partner's vagina or anus. It is important to take your time and rest, use a lot of lubricant and not put pressure on the passive. Due to the risk of AIDS, gloves should be worn (or finger cots)

Flag - Flagellation - Flag session

Abbreviation for Schlagspiele. A flagellant is a sadomasochist who gets his kick primarily from punching games. Flogger A term for a strap whip


English expression for gag

Gender bender

From the English. "gender" = gender, "to bend" = bend. In role plays, people like to take on the role of the opposite sex or switch back and forth

Gender play

Change of sexes in a game. (-> see also crossdressing)


Percussion instrument. There are different types of whip, such as the short jumping whip with a narrow leather flap or the long dressage whip with a braided strap at the end

Golden shower

English for games with urine. (see also pee or watersports) Urine games are often used as "humiliation games". Depending on your preference, this can involve peeing on your body, face or drinking someone else's urine. The more liquid the donor has consumed, the more neutral the taste of urine. It can then often hardly be distinguished from water. Germs are found in urine that has been retained for a long time (morning), which is why it should not be used for golden shower games. From a medical point of view, these games are largely harmless, however, as with all body fluids, there is still the risk of AIDS and the possibility of hepatitis A and B.

Collar collars

whether made of leather, rubber or metal have several meanings or functions in the SM. In the D / s area, a collar is primarily symbolic. Wearing one of these signals that the wearer is submissive on the one hand and someone's possession on the other. This is also known as a collar. Most of the time, the collars have a so-called D-ring, which clearly shows the orientation or role of the wearer. In other words, the wearer is passive, submissive or submissive. But of course this D-ring also has a functional meaning. Snap hooks can be attached to such a ring, which serve well when "securing things" to the passive. Collars without a D-ring are also worn by active people or dominants.

Hanky ​​code

The hanky code has its origins in the American gay scene. By wearing red handkerchiefs, the sexual orientation was made recognizable for like-minded people. The sadomasochistic movement then adopted this code as its own. Preferences and inclinations are signaled using handkerchiefs. First of all, active people wear the handkerchiefs, which are colored differently according to their preferences, in the left pocket, passive ones in the right pocket and switchers around their necks. For an overview, here are the "most important" colors and their meanings: White: Beginners Olive: Military Games Mustard: Foot Fetish Black: Hard SM Yellow: Pee Anthracite: Rubber Fetish Orange: Everything works Red: Fisting Rose: Spanking Gray: Bondage Brown: Kotspiele


Bondage harness from equestrian sport, which is available from very simple to very elaborate processing in the materials leather, plastic, steel straps or chains. A harness can be worn both for decoration and for restraint purposes. The second one primarily uses adjustable leather straps. A harness can be worn either on the head or on the whole body

Urinary games

See under "Golden Shower". Games with urine are also called pee games, water sports, water sports and pee games

high heels

Shoes, pumps or boots with very high heels. Or stilettos

Testicular parachute

Can serve as both protection and torture for the testicles. So protection when playing with weights, because the false testicle screen is able to balance them. The testicle parachute is made of a piece of leather, which is cone-shaped after manufacture. On the lower side there are chains, at the end of which there is usually a ring or hook, on which you can attach weights, with which you can regulate the pressure or tension on the testicles. The parachute encloses the testicles, but occasionally also the penis

Testicle ring

A ring made of metal, leather or plastic, which among other things can be erectile. Made of metal, it also has a symbolic character in the D / s area, since it is considered a sign of "property". -> See also "Cockring"


Simple form of bondage. A rope is wrapped around wrists and ankles several times and then connected to one another. The passive person lies on his stomach. Therefore, one should bear in mind that breathing difficulties can occur as the prone position makes breathing difficult

Dog whip

A whip that has been banned for years, but is available in some pet shops under the (deck) name "Hundekurzleine". Emphasis is on some as responsible animal lovers refuse to include these leashes in their offerings. Happiness for the dogs, regret for sadists and masochists. It is a short whip made of braided leather straps or leather strands, which split in the middle to form a loop and then unite again. There is a snap hook on the thick end, and leather fringes are often found on the thinner end

Japan bondage

Ancient Japanese form of erotic bondage with ropes. A total work of art is created in harmony with the rope routing and posture. Perfect pictorial representations can be found primarily on photographic representations originating from Japan, since Western women are often not capable of such an almost acrobatic posture. More information on the subject of Japanese bondage can be found in the "Bondage Handbook" by Matthias T. J. Grimme or his recently published "Japan Bondage Magazine"

KAP - Kink Aware Professionals

This is a selection of doctors, psychologists, therapists and lawyers, first launched in the USA, who behave impartially towards non-normative sexual orientations. In the German-speaking, sadomasochistic area, the BDSM Berlin with its KAP list is initially only a pioneer of doctors, which other groups are now beginning to obey.


A narrow, soft or semi-rigid plastic tube with a bag at the end. The tube is inserted through the ureter so that urine can be drained artificially


The placement of a catheter


A strap whip. The most common one is probably the "nine-tailed" one, usually made of leather straps. However, there are no limits to the number of straps or flagella


Another word for feces. When playing caviar, please remember the risk of transmission of various diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and other viral diseases !!!

Chastity belt

Wearing a chastity belt prevents the passive person from having sexual intercourse, as the access to the genital organs is covered. There is only one opening for passing urine. This is used especially in the D / s area or in 24/7 relationships in which the dominant determines the sexuality of the submissive. The best known chastity belt is the CB3000


Probably one of the most popular tools for tormenting passives. Clothespins, tension clips, alligator clips, laboratory clips and tablecloth holders are used most frequently. The most popular attachment points are the genital area and the nipples. Especially with the nipples, note that vessels or nerve tracts are pinched off and that long-term use can lead to permanent damage

Clinic games

Games in which there are typical roles such as doctor / patient, nurse / patient. Clinic games include catheterization, enemas, rectal examinations, gynecological examinations, cutting, needles and the like. . Examinations on a gyn chair are very popular, as the passive in an extremely humiliating and defenseless position allows free insight and access to his gender


An enema is often by means of a funnel and hose with mostly lukewarm water. In the pharmacies, however, you can also get over-the-counter mini-listing ampoules, which show their effect very quickly. From a hygienic point of view, an enema is particularly recommended before fisting


A gag, also known as a gag, prevents the passive from speaking. The most common gags are the ball gag, which is also available in inflatable form. In no case should one simply stuff a cloth into the mouth of the passive, as there is a risk of suffocation

Libertine Vienna

(founded in 1987) SM Initiative in Austria, is the contact person for Austrian SMers, organizes meetings and parties. The club magazine "Unter Druck" appears regularly. The Libertine has also existed in Linz since 1995

Local anesthetics

Anesthetic substances such as benzocaine or lidocaine ointments, with which small areas of the body can be made less sensitive to pain for a short time. For example when piercing. Not recommended, as switching off the sensitivity to pain increases the risk of injury. L. have no place in fisting or anal treatments in particular

Male domination

> -> Counterpart to Female Domination (female domination). So male dominance versus male submission

Marquis de Sade

French namesake of sadism, 1740 to 1814 De Sade spent a large part of his life in prison because of sexual obsessions and violent excesses. There he wrote, among other things, his most famous work "The 100 Days of Sodom". Unfortunately, he was "assigned" to sadomasochists as namesake. His fantasies were mostly found in "real sadism" and accordingly have little in common with today's sadomasochism and its agreements

Master / Mistress

One of many possible names for the active part. (similar to: Mr / Mistress, Sir, Madame ...)


The generally applicable code (safe) word at public events. (Adopted from the sea and aviation industry, in which this term is internationally known as a call for help. In spring 2001, however, an SM initiative came together to advise and support SM victims of abuse. This initiative also chose the name "Mayday" .

Metaconsense games

are very controversial in the scene. In this case, "Safewords" are not used. This means that the passive player takes the opportunity to "get out" of a game by canceling it.


Power game in which the passive man is repeatedly forced to cum, which over time becomes a really painful variant that plays with "elements of abuse".


Engl. Synonym for "Switch" so a player who feels comfortable on the active and passive side.

Monoglove / monoglove

Leather sack that ties arms and shoulders behind the back.


Full-body bondage technique, in which special attention should be paid to the breathability of the tied person


Technical term for smell and taste fetish


Getting through the upper layers of the skin with medical cannulas

Wet games

Games with urine, see also -> Golden-Shower pee Term for donating urine (NS). See also -> Goldenshower

National Leather Association [NLA]

American umbrella organization of sadomasochism, the elemantar for naming and conveying the SM principles: ssc (safe, sane, consenual, / safe, with common sense and consensual)


Term for "nonconsensual" (not consensual)

Noncon fantasies

What has little to do with SM in reality may of course be free in the imagination. Many SMers like to live the film of "being forced and controlled" in their head cinema

Nine-tailed ones

(Cat) percussion instrument that denotes a whip with generally 9 straps (also called "nine tails")


Abbreviation for -> golden shower / golden shower

O / ring of the O

Usually a term for a slave. Referring to the classic book "The Story of O" by Pauline Reage (published 1954 in France). The origin of the "Ring der O", which is often worn as a distinguishing mark among SMers, is based on this SM novel. This is a jewelry ring that has another, small ring. Usually active people wear it on their left hand, passive people on their right hand


"Play on top" means the situation of the active player. Accordingly, the "lower" role is assigned to the passive actor

Okay code

Situation in which the passive on demand confirms that he is clear about the intensity of the game and his own condition. This is a good reinsurance for the active person if he is unsure about the situation. An okay code is, for example, the "traffic light code" with which the victim is asked for colors. (Green: everything ok / yellow: attention limit value, but no complete abort necessary, red: STOP! Immediate abort!)

OWK - Other Words Kingdom

Commercial establishment in a castle in the Czech Republic run by professional mistresses. Men are only tolerated there as paying slaves. Longer stays are also possible. The OWK has its own coat of arms and its own currency (1 DOM), and is managed by "Queen Patricia I." ruled. There are many different opinions about the OWK, ranging from the highest praise to very negative experiences. But it seems to be the case that a tendency to eroticize complete enslavement is helpful ...

Outing / Coming Out

Public commitment, combined with a personal development process. This term originally comes from homosexuals, but is now also used by other fringe groups. The sense of an outing is the desire to accept one's own sexual orientation, often combined with the hope of social, etc. political change


Engl., Ironic term for a pain erotic

Panic snap

Optimal shackle hooks for SM practices. Especially when the passive is "under tension". Panic hooks can be released with a handle even under strain. Most of these hooks are known from animal needs. Horse leashes, for example, are always equipped with panic hooks


"Testicular parachute". Leather toy for penis torture, in which even larger weights can be distributed to the testicles by balancing the load

Penis gag

Rubber gag modeled on a penis. The length and anatomy of the mouth can cause gagging during use. People in a fog should not be left alone because of the danger of suffocation and panic

Penis ring

(Cockring) Metal, leather or rubber ring that encloses the penis and testicles and thereby prolongs an erection, as the blood can hardly flow back into the body by itself. The penis ring is put on before the erection and only removed again after relaxation

Pet games

Animal games. This does not mean sexual games * with * animals, but the slipping of people into the role of animals. The most popular animal species for these games are pony and dog. SM practices then move mainly in the "dehumanization" of the play partner and in the possibility of being able to live out completely new modes of behavior or having to act without language. For example, chariot races or dressage games are among these variants, which are enjoyed by a small but enthusiastic group of SMers


Anal dildo with a flat, widened end, so that it sits firmly on the sphincter and even with everyday use neither migrates into the intestine nor slips out

Pony games

See -> Pet games


Practice in which the active part sits on the face of the passive and demands a cleansing. See also -> facesitting


English for "rape"

Rape fantasies

"Rape fantasies" often occur in the SM context. However, it is important to know that this is a nonconfantasy that some people want to experience consciously as a "game situation". Rape games have as well as e.g."Interrogation scenarios" have nothing to do with real violence! It only happens in the head as head cinema, after all, it is called fantasies!


Removal of pubic and body hair as a sign of submission or as a pure preference for a smooth, hairless body

Stimulation current stimulation current games

Warning, these games are quite dangerous, you should be extremely careful, otherwise burns can easily occur from the electrodes. When playing electrical stimulation games, the electrodes are often attached to the testicles, the chest and other sensitive parts of the body. Initially painful but after a certain time a kind of habituation effect occurs, here is the critical point: if you raise the device higher, it can happen that you do not even notice how you burn yourself. In such a case, only cooling will help afterwards. If burn blisters develop, cover them cleanly, otherwise you can get infected quickly. Not suitable for sm or fetish beginners. In addition, a stimulation current device costs a lot of money, before you buy one, it's better to test it in the studio to see if you really like it


English refers to the penetration of the anus with the tongue

Ring of O

a simple O-ring that usually sits in the middle of the collar and is used to attach dog leashes or the like. is being used. There is also a book of the same name, which can be seen as a kind of educational book about SM


Percussion instrument made of rattan, which can sometimes cause severe welts

Role play

Game variants in the SM context that make use of strong psychological elements and the living out of special fantasies. e.g. animal roles, interrogation games, rape games, teacher / student games. In all of these role-playing games, the adults involved voluntarily assume their desired role


Engl. For rubber and latex. Colloquially also for condoms


Ball gag made of rubber

Sack torture

SM practice that names painful practices on the penis and testicles. Synonyms: CBT, Ball Torture, Cock Bondage


In the SM context, the term applies to the desire to mutually inflict pain on the masochist. In the meantime, a distinction between "sexual sadism" and "real sadism" has also been made scientifically


Term that denotes a great defense or prejudice against sadomasochism


A safeword is agreed before a planned session and gives the passive player the opportunity to cancel the action at any time


Practices that play with body fluids Scarification practices that aim to scar the body (e.g. cutting, branding)

Levitation restraint

(Suspension Bondage) -> form of bondage for advanced users, in which the bottom is tied while hanging on ropes, i.e. the entire body weight rests on the ropes. For this form of bondage, a lot of knowledge about body fixation points, rope techniques and safety regulations is necessary for the safety of the passive

Sensory Deprivation (SD)

Technical term for "sensory deprivation"

Self-bondage, self-bondage, solo bondage

Names for auto-eroticism, the kick of which lies in self-bondage. As with all auto-erotic game variants, the risk potential is very high here too, since no other participant can intervene in an emergency to avoid life-threatening situations


Self-harming behavior (SVV) involves hurting one's own body and causing pain in a context that is not sexually pleasurable as is the case with sadomasochistic practices. Although SIA actions are similar or identical to many SM practices, the motivation is different. SVV often stands for self-hatred (self-punishment) or emotional (uncontrollable) pain that is supposed to be drowned out by physical (controlled) pain. Usually this happens through cutting or burns, but eating disorders can also be a form of SVV. SVV is usually a symptom of deeper problems. SVV is particularly common in people with borderline disorders; Even people who have been emotionally or physically abused can be prone to SVV. Unfortunately, both phenomena are often confused and, on the one hand, people who suffer from SIA are incorrectly referred to as masochists, while on the other hand there are prejudices that sadomasochism is a form of SIA


For male servants. Counterpart: Serva -> female servant


Term for a BDSM game situation

Slave contract

Draft contract


For a punch with the palm of your hand


Hit games with the flat of your hand

Current games

Practices in which light to moderate electrical surges are used as a sexual stimulus. Not entirely harmless. For example, electrodes should never be inserted through the heart. Electronic games are taboo for people with pacemakers.


Lust for surrender and submission


Percussion instrument. Heavy leather strip that can be split in the middle


The active player is generally referred to as the TOP. Counterpart: SUB or BOTTOM

Topping from the bottom

Term for "to be topped by the passive". So it means that the passive player, according to some opinion, influences the active player too much in his wishes and practices


People who "feel born into the wrong body", that is, as a woman in the male body, or as a man in the female body. Surgery is often sought in order to preserve the desired sex under great stress. Transsexuals are by far not only concerned with a different sexuality, but report that they feel in almost all areas of life in the opposite sex

TV - transvestism

The desire to slip into dresses and roles of the opposite sex. Most of them are men who prefer female clothes or who want to be playfully forced into them. Humiliation effects like to play a big role here. However, TV should not be confused with "transsexuality". Most TVs have no desire to switch genders

TT - tit torture

Breast torture, i.e. torturing the breasts and nipples with ties, clamps, wax, etc.

Tunnel game

Designation for a session that cannot be terminated prematurely (e.g. by naming a code word). This is a meta-consensus, which, however, also includes the risk of falling


some BDSMers and fetishists like to eroticize them in game situations in order to use the general "power effect" for their own head kick. Uniform fetishism is more widespread in gay circles than among straight people

Uniform games

SM role-playing games and interrogation games, which are strongly taboo in Germany, but are very popular in the USA and England. The roles are assumed here as an instrument of power, but, like other role-playing games (e.g. teachers / students), they have no tendency towards real behavior and attitudes


Rare term for hit games with nettles

Verbal eroticism

Use of language kicks. Mostly it is about the use of very humiliating or insulting words within a game. (English verbal abuse)

Twenty-four seven 24/7

stands for "24 hours a day, 7 days a week", so for a BDSM way of life that wants to maintain the power gap between top and sub "around the clock". It is still an amicable variant if this concern is represented by both persons. However, it is a misconception that functioning 24/7 relationships continuously make use of elements of power. These are primarily constant opportunities, not constant exercise


Role play based on interrogation situations

Wax games

Sprinkling candle wax on the body allows for a wide variety of sensations depending on the distance to the skin. Due to their composition, beeswax and colored candles achieve higher melting points, which is why they should not be used to prevent burns. White stearin candles without any other additives are recommended. You should approach the pain and pleasure sensation of the bottom with a large distance to the skin in order to be able to assess the right amount and heat


engl. for "whip"

Diaper games

rare fetishism that extends to "becoming a child again". Diaper fetishists love practices that are generally only intended for small children, such as "wetting and drying" but also the "parental" affection they can relive in such role-playing games

Choking games

Breath reduction games. See also "breath control"

Y position

Here, a person is hung overhead with his arms tied together and legs wide apart, creating the Y-shape and, for example, the genitals being easily accessible


Human-made head harness for pony games. See also "pet games"

Decorative bondage

Bondage or rope restraint, which primarily attracts visual attention and can also be worn for longer periods of time due to the knot. (e.g. under clothing)


female person in role play who chooses the serving position. Often seen as fetishistic, e.g. when submissive men take on the female maid role with the appropriate clothing

Tongue bondage

Tongue tied up with ribbons or spreaders that make it impossible to speak

Forced ejaculation

Femdom practice in which the man is brought to orgasm several times without love and quickly. Over time, such an undertaking develops into a very painful procedure, the appeal of which lies in complete delivery and "being used" ..

Purpose bondage

Shackled with ropes or cuffs, which should quickly and appropriately move the bottom into a delivered position

Dangerous games - the dangers

Warning - HIV

Abbreviation for the "Human Immunodeficiency Virus" which causes AIDS. This virus is transmitted via blood, semen and vaginal secretions, which is why you should never forego the use of condoms with changing or new, untested partners, as the mucous membranes can easily tear during sexual and anal intercourse. Often, however, this is not even noticed. Always use gloves when fisting.

Warning - hepatitis

Hepatitis is a viral infection that causes the liver to become inflamed. A distinction is made between three different types of viruses. Hepatitis A, B and C. One symptom of hepatitis is jaundice, in which the eyes and skin turn yellow.

Hepatitis A: This pathogen occurs in the feces. Therefore one should protect oneself in this regard when playing feces or caviar. Of the forms of infection, hepatitis A is the most harmless, as in most cases you recover completely, which you should not underestimate.

Hepatitis B: This virus is found in blood, saliva, semen and vaginal secretions. This can be transmitted both with all types of blood transmission and with normal sex. Another very important reason why you should never go without condoms or, depending on the practice, latex gloves when you are working with "foreign partners". However, neither of these offers 100% protection, as the virus can also be transmitted through saliva. It is not certain whether hepatitis B can also be transmitted through urine, but the possibility should not be ruled out under any circumstances. Since this form of hepatitis is sometimes "overlooked", it can lead to chronic diseases.

Hepatitis C: The most dangerous form of this viral disease, as more than 50% of them suffer from chronic liver inflammation. Hepatitis C is primarily transmitted through blood. Therefore, no unprotected intercourse here either, whether it is anal, which is certainly more dangerous, and vaginal, since both can tear the mucous membranes and thus lead to blood transfer

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