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Introduction: You are vulnerable, a precious guest. The pulse of all life - often weak too. You know this city, have been here many times. When did she give you a home?

Prechorus: Oh oh oh ... City of Peace!

Chorus: Peace needs an update, not just a blank compliment. Give it meaning and share what makes you happy. Peace needs an update and not just what was yesterday. Take these old stones and build with them what makes you happy!

Verse 1There is no argument where we feel secure. Sometimes you have to be brave for love and friendship. No distance and no obstacle can divide us. And when we laugh, no one is alone.

Verse 2 + 3 Give me your hand, I want to go with you. Crossing borders, sowing diversity in Europe. You speak all languages ​​and I don't stay still anymore, Because your magic wants to bind us again. You take my pain from me, sing me to sleep. With you I feel safe because I am allowed to be me. In search of you I came to town lonely; Here I found refuge in your arms.

Prechorus and Chorus

Rap 1 Terror on the streets, violence in your home, bullying or gossip during the long break. All is not war, but certainly no peace. Say: where has the love gone? There is still a lot that is not true. But we accept it - do nothing and write peace in the wind. But who says peace needs losers and we can't change anything? From today we want to sow peace in all countries. Leave insults, and that in all classes, friends and family should give love - en masse. Standing behind you, regardless of whether you are straight, bi or homo - discrimination is a clear no go! Everything is normal, whether Muslim, Jew, Christian - it doesn't matter. Everyone is unique, phenomenal. And in the end, it is important that you satisfy yourself - be a peacemaker, here and around the world.

Prechorus verse 4 + 5 Whether young or old, black or white, poor or rich - whatever we stand for, as people we are the same. With a closed heart - you don't get very far, because peace calls for more openness. Go and accept one another, take your hand; Giving and receiving love creates a strong bond. Live it to your children, then it will be certain that peace will be for young and old!

Prechorus and Chorus

Verse 6 Do you know the feeling when everything is right and nothing torments you? When you hang out with the people who matter to you? Peace, that means 'baris', means 'pace' and 'salam', we want peace in every country.

Verse 7 How often do we have to call out to you: Peace come! Childhood under war and foreign soldiers in the homeland. Prisoners of war are crying, the city is under rubble. Never let us forget: how precious peace is.


Rap 2 We want peace today - for me and you and all people. Parents shouldn't argue anymore, papa and mom both stay. Christians and Muslims should join hands. Violence, hatred and displacement should all give way. Be grateful for the good life and strive for happiness and friendship. Children shouldn't be mutually exclusive, but should always shed love. No room for envy and dissent, because we know better.

Prechorus Chorus (Solo and acapella)

Chorus (all)




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