Has anyone got a job through GeeksforGeeks

  • Hi Guys,

    the job is now available again (see appendix).


  • I tried that again today and now it worked. Maybe some data was actually still out of sync.

    Many thanks for your help!

  • In any case, these are all internal data of the TU so that they know, for example, where to send your badge for ID etc.

    I don't think Wiener Linien will get the residential address from the TU. The only information Wiener Linien receives from the TU is your student status. (Probably not even that) In addition, you can enter any address in the TISS and that is not checked by the TU. As far as I know, the main place of residence is checked via the federal data center / register of residents. Have you officially re-registered? If so, it will likely take some time for the data to be updated. If you need the ticket urgently, you can go to the counter with the confirmation of registration. The studies department won't be able to help you here.

    I officially re-registered myself at the end of May, so I don't think that should be the problem.

    The funny thing is, if I change the postcode to my old postcode on my Wiener Linien account, then I get the error:

    Your main residence is not in Vienna.

    If I change my zip code to my new zip code, I get:

    An error occurred while checking student "First Name Last Name" at the University of "Technische Universität Wien" with matriculation number "0xxxxxx": Error postal code.

    So somehow he seems to be trying to compare the postcode, which can be entered in the Wiener Linien account, with another postcode (TISS? Register?).

  • Is it really the delivery address or is it just the contact details if someone wants to contact me via the TISS address book?

    Following problem:

    I moved from Lower Austria to Vienna and just wanted to buy the semester ticket with headquarters in Vienna online. But when I go to buy, the Wiener Linien shop says: "Error: zip code". I suspect that I am still in the TISS database at the old address.

    I think I'll have to go to the study department (or buy my semester ticket at a sales point).

  • Stupid question, but where do you find that in TISS? I've already looked, but somehow I can't find a menu item ...


    In the student self-service you can change your contact details under the menu item "Study data". However, there is a note:

    Changes to the data are made by the Studies and Examinations Department. Contact details can be edited in the address book.

  • Does anyone know if this is already online?

  • I don't think you can still get a certificate for a project internship.

    Project internship (6 ECTS) + seminar (6 ECTS) were replaced by the bachelor thesis (10 ECTS).

    The transitional provisions are there, if you have already done the seminar OR the internship, you do not lose this effort.
    They are not there to double the completion of a course from the ECTS.

    Even if the transitional provisions apply to you, you will still study according to the current curriculum.
    There is actually no reason to get more ECTS for the same performance (just because you are an old student).

    That being said,
    it is perhaps possible that your supervisor will issue you with another certificate for a LVA from the same institute or
    issues a backdated certificate of a project internship.
    Personally, I don't think so.

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    Thank you for the info, I didn't know that!

    In that case, the project internship is of course irrelevant

  • So I get this list https://tiss.tuwien.ac.at/cour…t+Informatik&windowId=c2b

    Is your supervisor / director of the institute listed there by any chance?

    Yep, the institute's board of directors is listed there. Thanks!

    The only question left is the project internship. As far as I know, this is a supplementary compulsory course that you can do together with the bachelor's thesis (if the supervisor agrees). But what about the LVA number?

  • Hello,

    Somehow I'm a bit overwhelmed with the curriculum / transitional provisions (major: technical computer science). I am about to finish my bachelor thesis and now my supervisor has asked me to send him the LVA number for which I need the certificate. Before I started, I asked my supervisor whether I could do the bachelor thesis together with the project internship - according to him this is not a problem. The question now is which course number (s) do I have to send him now?

    In TISS there are several entries with the name "Bachelor thesis for computer science and business informatics", each with a different LVA number. Can I choose one of them, or do I have to look for the entry where the institute where I wrote my thesis is listed?

    Where can I find the LVA number for the project internship? In the TISS I only find an entry with "Internship Technical Computer Science" - but that's not the same

    Do I actually have any "advantages" because I am covered by the transitional provisions?

    I would be really happy if someone could give me a helping hand ... all this organizational stuff is really messing me up

  • I am glad that so many can do something with it

    I've now added the answer to the black hole attack - thanks for the link!

    If you like, you can do it here at Vowi.

  • Aja: If anyone knows what a black hole attack is, please let me know. Then I'll add that
    Somehow I only found contradicting information on the internet ...

  • Mah, that's awesome!

    Did you more or less create the questions yourself using the slides? Or was there already a questionnaire where?


    There are a few old exam questions in the VOWI, but most of them are made up by me. I tried to cover all subject areas with one question, I hope I succeeded

  • Hello,

    for everyone who is looking for a part-time job: The Tchibo branch on Josefstädter Straße is looking for a new warehouse worker! In the appendix you will find the official job advertisement including the contact address.

    From my own experience (I've been there for more than two years now, but then stop in March / April) I can tell you that the colleagues there are very nice and also have a lot of fun: D. Most of the time you have regular office hours there (Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.). However, due to public holidays, it can sometimes happen that you are on duty on a different weekday (but this is relatively rare).

    Your work essentially consists of receiving the delivery of goods (Tuesday and Thursday are always delivery days) and clearing them into the warehouse. Since the warehouse is located in the basement and can only be reached via stairs, you should have a certain level of physical fitness. Especially at Christmas time you will run up and down the stairs quite often with heavy boxes

    All in all, it's a great part-time job!

    Oh yes, completely forgotten: They have good coffee there!


  • Maybe someone can use it ...

    If someone finds errors, please let me know!


  • how can you open the pdf?

    If you open the corresponding file with sdv, it will give you the binary data of the file. You can convert these into ASCII data with uuencode (otherwise copying will not work) and then copy them to your local system. There you can convert the ASCII data back into binary data with uudecode and open the file with a PDF viewer of your choice.

  • Thank you for the answer.
    Yes, I mean exactly this little window, but the problem is, I can see it anyway, regardless of whether I have done port forwarding or not. So, my question became, is there any way I know that I have connected to the server (that I got port forwarding right), but, can I keep typing the SQL commands all day when there is no connection .
    assumed that I should proceed with SQL injection

    If you mean the password query in the small window: This is not yet relevant for port forwarding.

    A little tip: take a look around the source code

  • I'm also currently solving Task B. My approach would be to somehow provoke a buffer overflow, but somehow it has not yet been crowned with success ... Is that the right approach or am I on the wrong track?

  • Hello,

    For professional reasons, I couldn't be in Steinhardt's preliminary meeting today, so I would ask for information. I am particularly interested in the course of the exercise and whether you actually have to be present at the appointments in order to be able to take the exam (in the tiss says "compulsory attendance", in the vowi the opposite).

    thanks for hints

    Kind regards

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    do you perhaps already know something about the course of the LVA? I would love to do that, but I couldn't go to the preliminary meeting either.

  • Hello,

    I would be interested to know if anyone here can recommend optional subjects at the University of Vienna? I've already clicked my way through the lecture catalog a bit, but just from the description it is always difficult to infer the content. In principle, I am willing to do something for the optional subject if the topic is interesting ... but please don't post any chunks for which you have to study for 3 weeks

    At the TU, for example, I really liked the courses 'Between Barrier and Career', 'Production Control' and 'Practical Report: Innovative Building' - it was something different from the typical TU (compulsory) courses

    Is there something like that at the university?

    If someone knows something in the direction of rhetoric / body language, I wouldn't be averse to that either. The seminars that are offered at the TU are unfortunately always full very quickly ...