Which Beats headphones are the best

Beats headphones comparison 2021

If you want to buy Beats headphones, your personal Beats headphones test winner doesn't just depend on the design, but of course also on the Sound quality and noise cancellation.

The question of whether the Beats headphones should be wireless also plays a role, as you then have to consider the battery life.

The Stiftung Warentest does not have its own Beats headphone test, but last carried out an extensive headphone test in 2018. Some models from Beats by Dre were also tested.

3.1. Not every connection is suitable for all customers

The Type of connection (cable / bluetooth) determines what the headphones are best suited for. If the Beats headphones are wireless, they enable one Freer movement and more flexibility.

Corded Beats headphones, on the other hand, never run out of juice. However, if the Beats headphones are connected via Bluetooth, they require more energy and draw this from an internal battery.

Whose Capacity and charging time limit the use if you are on the road often and for a long time.

3.2. The style of music and the model determine the sound

Two things are important for optimal sound quality in Beats headphone tests: On the one hand, the performance of the headphones and, on the other hand, the type and quality of the music file.

Good Beats headphones have one low impedance and high bandwidthwhich has a positive effect on the audio sound image. Beats headphones were developed under the leadership of a rap producer and are therefore ideally suited to this type of music.

The devices have one deep and rich bass, but weaken when it comes to the balance of the highs. If you listen to classical music, beats are probably not for you. If you want to enjoy your music with as few interference as possible, your new Beats headphones with noise canceling be equipped.

This innovative technology filters out the frequencies of external noise and literally isolates your ears from the outside world.

3.3. Special extras for more comfort

Almost every newer Beats model is foldable, so it can be fold up with one hand movement and stow away. An integrated volume control protects the ear from sounds that are too loud.

Unfortunately, Beats headphones are not waterproof. So it is better not to use them in the rain or in damp environments such as a sauna or swimming pool.

3.4. Beats headphones in red or rather Beats headphones in rose gold?

The choice of colors plays a not unimportant role for lifestyle devices such as headphones. Beats' models often stand out flashy colors emerged.

Therefore, red Beats headphones or even gold headphones can often be seen in advertisements. The rose gold Beats headphones are also very eye-catching.

However, the color does not play a role in qualitative tests on Beats headphones.

3.5. Price advantages and accessories

If you are put off by the sometimes high price of Beats headphones, you can often find cheap Beats headphones online. These are mostly predecessor models, but they are still powerful.

For example, if you buy the Beats Solo2 headphones instead of the Beats Solo3 headphones, you can save a lot of money. If you get Beats headphones from Media Markt, you can also be lucky in special weeks.

Don't forget to buy some accessories for the headphones. Beats offers for example additional cables with microphone for phone calls with the iPhone.

Replacement ear pads for in-ear devices also make sense to keep the ear hygienic. Tests that examine Beats by Dre also often place emphasis on the choice of accessories.

Tip for gaming: If you like to gamble with strong sound, you can connect your Beats headphones to the PS4 (or to the Xbox or PC). This works either with a jack plug or wirelessly via Bluetooth.