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Text passage (German) [edit]

Noun, f[To edit]

Word separation:

Text · pas · sa · ge, plural: Text · pas · sa · gen


IPA: [ˈtɛkstpaˌsaːʒə]
Audio samples: Text passage (Info)


[1] Contiguous section from a text


Determinative compound from nouns text and passage


[1] Text section, text excerpt

Generic terms:

[1] passage


[1] Standard text passage
[1] Paragraph, chapter, passage


[1] “If you consider these short ones alone Text passages, then it is noticeable that the author Sparschuh handles the selection and combination of the alliterative language material quite confidently. "[1]
[1] “It is revealing that when this lecture was published again in an anthology published in 1949, the quoted Text passage is missing."[2]

Translations [edit]

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