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But not a dream job: 10 reasons why Google employees quit

Free food and office buildings full of brightly colored relaxation pillows and adventure slides. The hype surrounding working conditions at Google is legendary. And, according to the employees, it is often unfounded. Some of Google's highly qualified specialists have quickly enough of the digital innovation forge and voluntarily decide to leave the prestigious work environment again.

On the Quora question portal, (former) Google employees reveal what annoys them most about their job. Here are the ten most exciting insights into the dark side of a supposed dream job:

1. Everyone at Google is overqualified

Google is literally inundated with applicants. The result is that the company can choose the most qualified people in the world even for simple jobs. Experienced employees who have mastered complex projects for their previous employers are suddenly struggling with routine tasks at Google.

The software developer John L. Miller states:

The worst part of my job at Google was that my skills were not being used adequately. Despite my 25 years of work experience, I have not done anything that a good university graduate with two years of professional experience could not have done as well. That was a depressing situation.

And Will Paul adds:

You pay well and the work is not overwhelming. But actually they are paying you to accept less intellectual growth. It can happen that one day you find that you are no longer competitive.

2. You will only be promoted if you happen to be working on the “right” projects

Google is known worldwide for its trial and error approach. Teams work on visionary projects and test whether they work. If they don't, the projects will be discontinued and the employees will deal with new topics without any negative consequences. In this way, Google wants to increase the company's ability to innovate.

However, according to an anonymous software developer, the reality is different. He or she says on Quora that only those employees who happen to work on projects that lead to a new Google product will be promoted.

I worked hard and always delivered what was asked of me, but at some point the management stopped our project. Colleagues who worked on successful projects were promoted quickly, but we were left behind.

3. Project successes only count if they can be measured

To determine the success of a project, Google relies on measurable numbers. Not a bad approach to making sure a venture is headed in the right direction.

However, Google employees sometimes have the impression that everything else is fading into the background in the course of this maddening of numbers. Here's how a Quora commenter describes his experience with a Google executive:

He was so focused on measuring something that he couldn't muster the patience to first find out whether what he was trying to measure made sense at all.

Former employee Katy Levinson also confirms this impression:

Any improvement that could not be measured directly was considered a waste of time. User friendliness? Programming error? As long as you couldn't measure these things, no one was interested in them.

4. You work under bad bosses

Another Google employee is upset about the below-average leadership qualities of the team bosses:

People are promoted to leadership positions not because they know how to lead, but because they have previously worked on interesting technical problems. But many of these intelligent people are terrible bosses. Emotional intelligence is not very important.

5. Your colleagues are your competitors

The software developer Vlad Patryshev complains about the lack of communication with his colleagues:

It is really difficult to discuss things with others. There is hardly any objective exchange. Everyone is careful to delimit their subject area and there is little interest in the opinion of other people.

6. The immature corporate culture can be annoying

Google employees ride freely available bicycles around the office premises, train in the in-house fitness center or hang out in the playroom: although this corporate culture is admired around the world, not everyone likes it.

This is how the comment can be found on Quora:

It's like being in a dream world - the people there never grow up. They drink all the time, meet up, play games, and do little to little work.

7. You work in a mini-office

Product designer Anne K. Halsall was amazed at how little space the individual employees at Google have to work:

It is not uncommon to see 3-4 employees working in a mini-office. Despite the many open spaces for food, games, TV, lectures, etc., it is surprisingly very difficult to find a place to reflect in peace.

8. You are giving up on Google all your life

Google's efforts to provide a varied work environment for its employees is seen by some as a kind of trap. Former Google employee Joe Cannella has the impression that the many job opportunities in the office building are intended to distract from the fact that "a never-ending mountain of work and great competition" is soaking up the entire private life of the employees.

You get everything you want, but it costs you the only thing that really matters: your time and your energy. You forget what it's like to live outside of Google and think the idea of ​​wanting to be anywhere else is completely insane.

9. Your friends are jealous of you

Google employees also believe that the job has a negative impact on relationships with friends.

Your friends are jealous of your job because they didn't make it to Google themselves. Nobody just lets you have this job.

10. Nobody believes you that everything is not perfect on Google

And finally, many Google employees find it a challenge that nobody believes that everything is not perfect at Google.

This is how Katy Levinson made the experience:

All they want to hear is total excitement that you made it on Google. If you change jobs or don't describe your work in rainbow colors, everyone - from your mother to the taxi driver - asks you to explain why you are not entirely enthusiastic about your work at Google.

The Quora question portal focused on the negative sides of Google as an employer. What do you think? Are these complaints excessive? Or are you convinced that you too would quickly quit a job at the global corporation? We are looking forward to your feedback.

Source: Quora