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KursKultur creates added value

No no ... I can't dance, nobody knows me here and I can't understand what they are saying.
- Mia

Together with her 7th grade, Mia is involved in the dance theater project "Elements", which is about sustainability. The project is one of a total of 60 so-called micro-projects that are supported by the Interreg KursKultur project, along with a number of other activities. On May 9th, the project was celebrated by 130 actors, citizens and politicians at the closing event.

In almost four years, KursKultur has motivated children, young people and adults with its micro-projects to be interested in the culture, language of the neighboring country and the common cultural heritage, whereby the subjects of sport and sustainability have increasingly come into focus. Although the project is primarily aimed at the Sønderjylland-Schleswig region, some project actors and target groups from the entire program region are also involved. In total, KursKultur comprises 60 cultural projects, 4 sports projects, 180 transport pool projects, 18 museums, 15 language projects and more than 70 school classes.

“There were really a lot of good projects and many were more extensive than before. This indicates that the actors have become more courageous and experienced, ”says KursKulturs project coordinator Anne-Mette Olsen.

In around 15 percent of the micro-projects, actors outside the immediate border area were involved, and more than 20,000 people got to know each other and learned more about themselves and each other during the project. In addition, various materials and brochures were produced, including teaching material on the neighboring language and courses on art, culture and history. The cooperation includes educational institutions, museums, artists and cultural institutions. Let yourself be inspired at www.kulturakademi.de

What if the others are really weird?
- Mia

Experience from the micro-projects shows that it is of crucial importance that the Danish-German project partners spend enough time to coordinate their respective expectations.

The art projects are about building trust between the artist and the participant. Art, recognition and trust create space for inclusion. enable inclusion and talent. It can be a challenge to motivate volunteer sports clubs to participate in projects, as the volunteers are busy beforehand and special efforts must therefore be made to simplify the application process. Among other things, it is important for young people to find and offer an area of ​​interest that appeals to the target group - and that the activities are simple and timely. When students meet, it is necessary to support the interaction between the students. Practical activities and assignments are usually helpful here, as students often have difficulty understanding the other language, but this can create an interaction that makes it enjoyable to be there.

When it comes to sustainability, it's not enough to just talk about it. For example, the “HavFald” project collected plastic waste in the Wadden Sea and created art from it.

It's great to dance together!
- Mia

In a workshop at the final event, the participants looked ahead: Which experiences from the first KursKultur project are important and should be included in the new project? What are the wishes for KursKultur 2.0, which also wants to support micro-projects? The new project will work harder to involve actors and target groups from the entire program region. The focus will continue to be on children and young people, neighboring languages ​​and a strengthened communication of culture and history.

It will also be exciting to follow the project's work on developing Danish-German language didactics in neighboring countries and culturally and linguistically adapted communication in the museums involved. As a novelty, there is also an "instant pool" that supports project initiation, networking and the exchange of experiences between adults.

See more at: www.kulturfokus.dk og www.kulturakademi.de

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