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Coaching is a young industry. Accordingly, the market is developing strongly. In this eight-part series of articles I will deal with the question of how the coaching market has developed in the past, what is the current state of the market and what developments we can expect in the future. Thus, new colleagues who are currently setting up a business or who are thinking about one for the future should be given tips for planning their offers and marketing.

Part 1: The coaching market yesterday

Coaching arrived on the German market about 20 to 30 years ago. Initially, coaching was an insider tip for upper management. In the years that followed, coaching gradually conquered more and more companies and, following the “top executives”, was also offered to managers at all levels and experts outside the hierarchy.

The public outside of companies also increasingly began to concern itself with coaching.

Coaching thus became a booming business: Coaching offers shot up like mushrooms, growth rates in sales grew annually in the double-digit range. Psychologists, therapists, social pedagogues, alternative practitioners, trainers, management consultants, supervisors: suddenly all of them were coaches and were trying to get a piece of the pie - mostly with more or less success.

Because: Since everyone was allowed to coach, the hurdles weren't too high: a sign on the door, a website using the do-it-yourself method and you were in business.

The result was not long in coming: a flood of providers who seem to be draining each other's water and strange flowers on the coaching market from foot coaching to bowel coaching to dog coaching.

The problem with this was the situation that arose: What remained was a confused public and an image of coaches that is rapidly moving towards that of used car dealers.

The next part of the series will deal with the question of what situation we can find on the coaching market today.

Part 2: The Coaching Market Today