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Surfing in Australia has become a national sport over the years. Big or small, male or female, the Aussies seem to be addicted to surfing. This is certainly also due to the fact that both the weather and surfing conditions down under are predestined for going to the beach every day, unpacking the board and riding the waves through the sea. But not only Australians, but people from all over the world come to the Australian beaches to pursue their passion.


The best surfing areas

Since Australia's coast is almost 26,000 kilometers long and has over 7,000 beaches, which are shaped by two oceans and various currents, there is hardly a part of the country where surfing is not possible. And yet there are a few regions on the red continent that clearly stand out due to their unique waves. Almost every surfer has certainly heard of the alternative location Byron Bay (east coast) or about the several meter high waves around Margaret River (west coast), which can even compete with those of the top spots in Hawaii in terms of quality.

In the idyllic wine village of Margaret River, as well as in the entire region, there are more than 40 surrounding beaches where an above-average number of advanced and professionals gather to demonstrate their skills, but there are also good conditions for beginners. Well-known places in the north include the challenging The Bommie (Reef-rocky), Super-Tubes (Reef-rocky) and North Point (Point-break), while to the south, for example, Surfers Point (Reef-rocky), Margaret River Bommie (Reef-rocky) and the excellent Boodjidup (beach break) stand out.

Byron Bay, surrounded by several beaches, is connected to Belongil Beach (Rivermouth break & Beach break), Main Beach (Beach break), The Wreck (Point break), The Pass (Point break) or Clarkes Beach ( Beach break) ideal for beginners. Advanced surfers, on the other hand, will find the best conditions for challenging surfing on the wild and not entirely harmless Tallow Beach with the famous Cozy Corner (Rivermouth & Beach break). In addition, the nearby point-reaks from Wategoes & Little Wategos Beach, Lennox Head and Broken Head should be performed.

Another world-famous surfing area is the lively Gold Coast with the party mecca Surfers Paradise. The coast here is around 50km long, has over 60 spots for surfing and can also boast really great beaches. Even if the optimal season is from November to May, the waves here are very constant all year round. However, the swell is best on average once a week. The exception to this is Burleigh Heads (point break), known for its numerous surfing competitions, which usually has the best conditions 3 days a week. A large number of the waves are beach & point breaks breaking from right to left, as is usually the case at Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, South Stradbroke Island (TOS), Mermaid Beach, The Spit (Sandpumping Jetty), Nobby Beach and Palm Beach is.

Other recommended places for first-class surfing with great point breaks are The Alley, Greenmount and Kirra Point in Currumbin. Coolangatta Beach, Point Danger, Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks Superbank, on the other hand, have excellent beach breaks. Very close to New South Wales is the surf spot Duranbah (beach break), which is also very popular outside of the 5th continent.

The famous Bondi Beach (beach break) in Sydney magically attracts thousands of surfers from all over the world every year. Of course, this is not the only beach near the metropolis where there are good conditions for surfing. Also the Voodoo (Reef-rocky), Shark Island (Reef-rocky) and Kelso Beach (Reef-coral) in the south as well as the Gregs Point (Sand-bar), The Wedge (Reef-rocky), north of Sydney, Bilgola Bank (sand bar) and many other beaches are extremely popular for popular water sports.

Torquay, located in the southeastern state of Victoria, is often referred to by insiders as the surfing capital of the Down Unders. Regardless of whether it is the quieter Cozy Corner (beach break), the wilder beach of Jan Juc (beach break) with its west-facing reef or Bells Beach (Reef-rocky), around 7km away, where the world championships are held every year at Easter beginners as well as advanced learners will get their money's worth here. But also at Woolamai Surf Beach on Phillip Island you will find excellent surfing conditions.

Further comprehensive information about surfing in Australia, but also worldwide, can be found on the WannaSurf Internet portal.


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Tips & hints

Of course, surfing is not exactly the safest pastime to choose from as a fun pastime. On the one hand, the currents and the gigantic waves should not be underestimated, which cost the lives of several people every year, on the other hand, one should also draw attention to the approximately 10-15 shark attacks per year, which sometimes even end fatally. And yet certain dangers can be prevented relatively well. It is therefore always advisable not to recklessly venture into unknown waters, to talk to other surfers about the current and to consider weather warnings. Furthermore, as a beginner, one should not forget that many of the experienced boys and girls have been training their skills every day for several years and are able to assess certain risks very well based on their experience.


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