What are plasma-based particle accelerators

Becky was still shaking her head. These values ​​could not be correct.
She stood at console 3 with Dox and Parker, studying the data from the intensive scan they had made after discovering the cryptic message on the surface. They had already called Landau, who was just stepping up to them.

"What do you have?"

“The planet is absolutely artificial. One big machine. ”Dox replied.
"The complexity of the machinery goes down to the atomic level."

"What can she do?"

"We don't know." Becky had to admit.
"We discovered structures that remind us of thousands of gigantic plasma accelerators."

"Plasma-based particle accelerator? The FEN-EL were familiar with such technology, but I am not aware that they ever actively used or built it. As far as we know, they only got such technology from the Repta or the Dakardians, ”said Parker.

“I see the answer to this type of question quite simply: Necessity makes inventive. But there is something that confuses us a lot more. "

"Go ahead," said Landau in a friendly manner.

"Dox firmly believes that there is a cavity inside the planet."

“If the planet is artificial, that is certainly not uncommon. Maybe a little difficult to understand. "

"Sir." Dox said before Becky could continue.
"I did gravity and density measurements and found a singularity in the center of the planet."

"A black hole?"

"No sir. A singularity. A bare singularity. Apparently the planet shields us in a way that is still unknown from the incalculable effects of this, so far purely theoretical, phenomenon. "

“Dox, we've been doing space travel for thousands of years. Your people even longer! We mapped dozens of galaxies and never found a naked singularity, ”Landau replied skeptically.

"Sorry ..." Parker intervened hesitantly.
"But what is a 'naked singularity'?"

“A bare singularity is the center of a black hole. However, this singularity is not surrounded by an event horizon as is normal, but is exposed. "

"But don't all physical laws collapse in a black hole?"

“To put it simply, yes. But the event horizon protects the rest of the universe from the singularity. "

"And a naked one?"

"Naked singularities are ..."
Landau corrected himself.
“... were probably ... a purely theoretical construct for a long time. Too many conditions should have been met with the natural path. "
Landau turned his gaze to Becky.
“But as an artificial construct? Who knows? Still, I want you to check your measurements with Hercules' help, Dox. And three more times. Take every member of the scientific staff you can get. You have to be absolutely sure! "

"To do this I would have to cut open the planet and that could destroy the shielding."

Landau laughed.
"Dox, you know exactly what I mean!"

Parker looked at the main screen where the jungle planet was spinning in the FEN-EL system.
“A strange machine. A bare singularity surrounded by thousands of particle accelerators. And then this message: 'This star is a gear that fulfills a desire with the refreshment of a cosmic scarcity in the sense of a circle, a being that descends into the core of the gear. ‘. What is the purpose of this machine? "

"Hopefully we'll find out soon," Becky said, worried.
"Because I don't know whether we MASTER can defend the ship against something that doesn't follow any rules ..."

"I'm sorry!" Shouted Tino.

"Just try again." Ardwen tried to calm him down.

"No! See it, Ardwen. I may be able to fly well in normal space, but I can't solve equations with multiple dimensions in my head !! "

“Let's just start the simulation again. I can show you how ... "

"NO!", Tino interrupted the pilot.
He looked up as if Hercules were glued to the ceiling.
“Woe to you starting this crappy simulation again, Hercules! Then ‘I'll pull the plug out for you!"

"Sir, I have no plugs ..."

"Who was talking to you!"

"Tino, ..."

"No! Just leave it, Ardwen! I've catapulted this damn ship into a galaxy in an unknown region of space for the last thirty times. "

"That's not true. You only failed 24 times, Tino. "

"Shut up, Hercules."
Tino turned back to Ardwen.
“And I want to say one more thing to you: I CANNOT DO IT! There was a reason I never became a pilot! "

Tino stormed out furiously. Unfortunately for him, the doors just disappeared so he couldn't slam them. So he had no real outlet to get rid of his aggression.
Presumably he would storm into the alleged gym on deck 81 that he had heard of and hit a boxing ball. If there was a boxing ball there and he supposedly found the gym. And if he and the 141st century people understood the same thing by the term “gym”.
So it came about that he ultimately growled or snarled at everyone who met him, whether human, alien or borderline human (human ancestors, but greatly changed by genetic manipulation).

Also Kirsten, who came to meet him.
“Tino, what's the matter with you? Are you not well? "

"This is all crazy!" He yelled back.

Kirsten grimaced in confusion.

“Why did you have to tell everyone about my… worries? HOW SO? Don't they mother us enough already !? "

"Didn't that work with the pilot?"


"They are sure to find something else for you."
She took his arm.
She smiled.
"Let yourself be pushed."

But he pushed her away.
"NO! Leave me alone. Leave me alone! ”He yelled at a small group of passing crew members.
"That's it Kirsten! I go! Still this mission. Then I'm off this ship! I am a lone fighter! Point! I will leave the earth. There is sure to be work for a soldier out there. Nobody can tell me that it is the same everywhere as on earth! "

"The whole Milky Way is like the earth," said Kirsten worried.

"But humanity has populated more than the Milky Way, right?"

"As far as I know, the entire ... What was that called? Local group? "

“Then I'll just leave the Milky Way. Can't be that difficult anymore! "

"WHAT?! But Tino, then we would never see each other again! "
Kirsten's eyes got wet.

"Then that's the way it is!"

“No, Tino! You can't do that! TINO! "

He stomped off.

"You are everything I still have from our time," she whispered quietly after him.

Landau, Dr. Brain, Dox, La’a, Herkules, Tino, Ardwen, Kirsten, Ikos, Becky and Parker, although this was not actually part of the management team, as was Conrad, who was also there.

Beyond the long window, an emerald ball spun.

"Parker, your report, please," Landau said gently.

Parker got up and went to the screen directly behind Commander Landau.
"Our analysis has been completed and I think we now know the meaning of the FEN-EL message."
He let the message in FEN-EL appear behind him on the screen.
"This star is a gear that fulfills a desire with the refreshment of a cosmic scarcity in the sense of a circle, a being that descends into the core of the gear," he read aloud.
“It is certain that the planet is artificial. A large machine, or a gearbox ... "
Parker pointed to the word in the message.
“… Which contains a bare singularity, probably, as Dox explained to me, a ring singularity. This is probably what is meant by refreshment, or blessing, a cosmic scarcity in the form of a circle. "

"We already know that," remarked Becky.
“But what is the machine doing. What is its purpose? "

Parker laughed softly.
"It says here, my dear."
He referred to the end of the message.
"... a being that descends into the core of the transmission, fulfills a desire," he whispered and paused.
"Whoever descends into the center of the planet will ..."

"... a wish fulfilled.", Conrad finished the sentence.

"... a wish fulfilled.", Tino said softly at the same time.

Kirsten's eyes widened.
"A desire?"

"Yes. And the way it looks, just one wish. Apparently this machine can only be used once, ”said Paker.

"And what's the point with the bare singularity?" Asked Ardwen.

"That makes perfect sense," replied Dox.
“A bare singularity does not follow any known rules. In this way, the machine is able to fulfill every wish, regardless of the amount or type of energy required. "

"Also completely independent of the supplicant's mindset," added Hercules.

"You said 'supplicant'", La’a noticed.
“Does that mean the machine has artificial intelligence? A kind of moral program, or something? "

"Obviously not. Anyone can want anything from the machine, ”said Parker.

"What makes them a problem."
Everyone turned to Landau, who was glaring thoughtfully out the window.
"An unlimited wish ... I hope you realize how close this is to omnipotence."

Tino frowned.
"Is that your concern? Philosophical considerations? "

“Do you believe that a person can deal with omnipotence? Who should go down? You? I? Any other crew member in my 500,000-strong crew? Who? If we were meant for such a power, Tino, we would have been created with her. But are we not ... "

"That should be a joke!", Tino said indignantly.

"Your orders, sir?" Ikos asked.
"Prepare a pocket formation sequence."

"A what?" Tino wanted to know excitedly.

"We will, so to speak, make a crease in the universe and thus separate the planet from the rest of the normal space-time continuum.", La‘a explained gently.

"Exactly. Then we will fly off immediately and after our return to the earthly solar system we will seal the portal to the FEN-EL galaxy, ”Landau continued.

“Good, Commander. I'll spread everything out. ”, Said Hercules and got up.

"Thank you, Hercules.", Landau said and nodded.

Tino jumped up angrily.
He pointed out the window, sweaty.
“You mustn't do that to them. So you mustn't trample on your legacy. "
Tino ran out of the room angrily.

Hello everybody,

Took a little, I know. Ashes on my head ... But that was the next chapter.
That can happen to Tino! Why is he suddenly so angry? The answer will be next time.

Kind regards

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