How do I use WhatsApp on PC

Use WhatsApp Web on PC, iPad and Android tablet - this is how it works

Benjamin Schischka, Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Using WhatsApp as a web or desktop version on the PC makes chatting with friends and family much more convenient. WhatsApp can also be used on the iPad or tablet. We show you how it works.

EnlargeUse WhatsApp on your PC, iPad and Android tablet - this is how it works
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Because it is easier to type on a PC, iPad or Android tablet than on a smartphone, we explain how you can use WhatsApp on these devices as well. Either use Whatsapp Web in the browser or install the appropriate desktop application on PC or Mac. Practical innovation: Whatsapp also introduces video telephony on the PC. However, the feature is still in the beta phase and is not available to all users.

Set up WhatsApp Web - chat in the PC browser

The following description works on any computer with a web browser and both iPhones and Android phones.

  1. Open on the PC in the browser (a QR code is displayed)

  2. Open Whatsapp on the phone

  3. In the iOS or Android app, tap on "Settings" or "Three-point menu"

  4. Now tap on "WhatsApp Web"

  5. Now scan the QR code displayed in the PC browser with your smartphone. With iPhones, the camera starts immediately; with Android phones, first tap on "Add device". Sometimes you have to unlock this function via finger or face recognition

EnlargeUse Whatsapp Web on other devices - scan the QR code in the browser or in the desktop applications with your mobile phone.

Your Whatsapp view with your contacts and chat windows will now open in the browser window. Even the chat history is available and the option to send pictures, emojis or voice messages. You can now use Whatsapp in the PC browser as you normally would on your smartphone. You can log out of Whatsapp in your PC browser using the three dots in the top bar on the left.

If you set the "desktop notifications", you will always receive a notification at the bottom right of your monitor when a Whatsapp message has been received.

Danger: The Whatsapp chat continues to run over the internet connection of your smartphone. To save your data volume, you should therefore have a WLAN connection activated. Whatsapp Web also drains your smartphone's battery. So you should charge it if you want to use it longer.

EnlargeThe browser - in this case Safari - first opens a QR code via, which you have to scan with your smartphone via the Whatsapp application.

Install Whatsapp Desktop as an application on PC and Mac

You can also install the Whatsapp and desktop application on your Windows and Mac computers. After you have downloaded the app, connect your smartphone and desktop app via the displayed QR code and the QR scanner in the mobile Whatsapp applications as with "Whatsapp Web". You can then use Whatsapp Desktop on the PC.

Use Whatsapp on the iPad and Android tablet

  1. Smartphone and iPad / Android tablet must be connected to the Internet (WiFi connection is sufficient)

  2. Start Safari on the iPad and open

  3. If you are redirected to the Whatsapp homepage, then you need to go to "Desktop Web Page"

  4. Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone

  5. Open under "Settings" (on an iPhone) or via the three-point menu (on an Android phone) the menu item "WhatsApp Web"

  6. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the tablet screen

After a few seconds, the connection between on your iPad / Android tablet and the Whatsapp app on your smartphone is established. You can now use WhatsApp on the tablet as usual.

EnlargeVia the menu with the small and capital "A" you can select "Request desktop website".

Install WhatsApp on the tablet via an APK file

WhatsApp also works as an app on an Android tablet via a trick. As long as the tablet is in a WiFi network, you can send messages free of charge. Here's how to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet:

  1. Download the WhatsApp app as an APK from the desktop site

  2. Install the APK file on the tablet. You have to allow this via “Settings> Security> Unknown origin”. If the page redirects you directly to Google Play: Download the APK file on a PC and then copy the file to the tablet

  3. Enter a landline number on WhatsApp. To do this, request the verification code by phone instead of an activation SMS

  4. You will receive a six-digit activation code via voice call. Enter the code on the tablet

  5. Now you can use Whatsapp on the Android tablet