How should I manage YouTube with studies

YouTube and kids: fun, learning - and the risks

Learning module "Films, videos and music - what is allowed?"

Play the Internet ABC learning module for children together to work out the basics of the topic and to exchange ideas with your children. Chapter 5 contains exciting facts and tips. Chapter 4 explains what to watch out for when uploading movie files. The appropriate checklist can be found in Chapter 6.

Thumbs up or down?

The question of which movie they like or not is a very important one for teenagers. The best clips provide the topic of conversation in the schoolyard and make a statement about your own taste.

A bad rating ("thumbs down") is quick and easy without thinking about how hurtful it can be. Take a look at the short logo! Clip together. Discuss with your child about ratings, positive and negative feedback and what this means for the individual!

Watchyourweb: Episode 20 YouTubers 

The clip deals with influencers and advertising and can convey the message to your child: Don't believe everything, see through the advertising!

Show child-friendly alternatives

Visit child-friendly alternatives to YouTube together. With Juki, offers its own video community for children. Even younger people can upload or even create films without hesitation - with the help of an animation tool.

The children's search engine Blinde Kuh has collected over 9,000 films, all of which are suitable for children.