YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music

Youtube Music will completely replace Google Play Music

René Resch

By the end of 2020, Youtube Music will completely replace the Google Play Music service. Users can move now.

EnlargeYoutube Music will completely replace Google Play Music

For some time now, users of the Google Play Music service have been able to transfer their account including playlists to the YouTube Music service. In the official YouTube blog, Google announced that the Google Play Music service will be completely replaced by YouTube Music. The switch will be completed by December 2020.

In addition, it will no longer be possible to stream or use the Google Play Music app in the coming months. Google is also making other changes to the Google Play Store and the music manager. This will come into force for users in New Zealand and South Africa from September 2020, and all other global markets will follow from October 2020. However, things like playlists, uploads, purchases, preferences and much more are kept to make it easier to switch and to transfer them if desired.

Transfer via transfer tools and Google Takeout

Furthermore, Google writes: " From the end of August, users will no longer be able to use the Music Manager to purchase and pre-order music or to upload and download music from Google Play Music. "

So that no content is lost: “You have to do the simple thing Transfer tool use to migrate all purchases to YouTube Music, or Google Takeout to export data and download your purchased and uploaded music. As soon as the Music Store is no longer available, users can continue to upload all tracks purchased elsewhere to YouTube Music. "

In the blog, Google also speaks of numerous improvements to Youtube Music and functions that have also been taken over by Google Play Music,