What are some cool apps for Android

7 unknown Google apps

There are now several hundred thousand apps in the Google Play App Store. Many of them are useless, some are annoying, but the apps from Google in particular are usually well made and ideally adapted to Android. In this post, we'll introduce seven apps that are usually overlooked - but definitely improve your everyday life.


Snapseed is the ideal app for photo fans. Google bought the company in 2012 and has been selling the app under its own name ever since. Snapseed provides all the necessary tools to optimize the images and to add effects or filters. The app is easy to use and really fun. It is also free of charge, so you can simply try it out.


The Google translator has now become an extremely good application - over the years, Google has transformed the app from a simple (and rather bumpy) app into a really good helper abroad. Language packs can be downloaded for 90 languages ​​(including English, Russian, Basque, Icelandic, Malay or Greek) and the app can then be used offline.

But the most impressive thing is the Word Lens function: The translator uses OCR functions to recognize and translate text in images. With an active Internet connection, this works with all available languages. If you use your smartphone offline, you can translate content from German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian into English. That works very well in the test and is extremely practical for vacationers and business travelers - in any case an app that belongs on every Android smartphone.


With the Inbox app, Google gives an outlook on what the e-mail app on Android could look like in the near future. Above all, there are new functions: The app shows the most important content in advance and can suggest actions based on the emails - for example, you can check into a flight directly from the email overview when the reminder arrives. Similar messages are grouped together to make it easier to keep track of things. It is particularly practical that in addition to e-mails, reminders can also be created and saved. You can create entries directly from messages and you will then be informed. The app is free, and you no longer need an invitation to use the app.

Alarm clock

Google provides its own alarm clock application and it isn't even bad. It looks pretty good and, above all, is already in the new material design of Android Lollipop. In the app you can define alarm times, start timers or add other time zones.

YouTube Studio

Do you have your own YouTube channel? Then you should definitely install the appropriate app. YouTube Studio can be used to monitor channel and video performance with analytics tools, filter and reply to comments, receive notifications about important events, or update video details and settings.

My tracks

Meine Tracks is a GPS tracker for Android smartphones that can be used to record route, speed, distance and altitude. That works on foot or on a bike, for example. The data can be viewed during the recording in order to enter highlights, for example. The tracks can be synced and shared via Google Drive.

TalkBack and BrailleBack

In addition to the more fun apps, Google also has applications that have a serious background. TalkBack is such an app - it enables users with impaired vision. The smartphone can use the app to output spoken answers, acoustic signals and vibration feedback. The BrailleBack application, an application that couples the smartphone with Braille-compatible devices and can output the feedback about it, fits in with this.