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George Floyd diesUS judiciary finds ex-police officers guilty

For George Floyd's family yesterday, a lot of feelings mixed up, relief and joy, grief - and the feeling that the death of the brother, uncle, father, despite all the futility, was perhaps not in vain, but triggered an important, historical development. "We came here to get justice, for George Floyd, and today we got justice," said his nephew Brandon Williams. The verdict was just the beginning. Now the Senate urgently needs to pass the police reform that carries George Floyd's name.

Much praise for the jury

Just because someone embodies the law doesn't mean they are above the law, Williams said. This judgment is an opportunity for his country to change in the right direction. There was also much praise from George Floyd's family yesterday for the jury, the witnesses, the prosecution - and the bystanders who on May 25th urged the defendant to let go of George Floyd. "Today we can breathe again," said George Floyd's brother Philonise.

Several members of George Floyd's family recalled the many other victims of police violence in recent years and months. Justice for George, according to his brother Philonese, means freedom for all.

(picture alliance / AA | Christopher Mark Juhn) George Floyd Process - "It is very important that we discuss structural racism"
The psychologist Ursula Moffitt sees it as an important step that police officers have to answer for racist violence in court. The debate about structural racism has become mainstream, she said in the Dlf.

It was just after three in the afternoon when Judge Peter Cahill asked the Minneapolis court to stand up for the jury's verdict and then read the verdict. The defendant Derek Chauvin remained motionless, only his eyes moving: guilty three times - of second and third degree murders of George Floyd and of manslaughter.

The defense's argument was not convincing

It took the jury less than eleven hours to fully approve the charges. On May 25 last year, the police officer Chauvin kneeled on the neck of the shackled, lying on the ground George Floyd for 9 minutes 29 seconds. He suffocated painfully in the process. The defense could not convince the jury with their argument that this violence was justified. Instead, she followed Prosecutor Steve Schleicher's appeal: "Trust your feelings and your heart. The accused is guilty of all three counts."

Immediately after the conviction was read out, cheers of relief broke out in downtown Minneapolis, thousands of demonstrators had gathered there, many of whom were chanting: "Justice". Derek Chauvin was handcuffed in the courtroom and spent his first night in prison yesterday out of what is believed to be many.

In eight weeks, the court will determine the sentence, it should remain under the maximum possible 75 years imprisonment, since the accused has no previous convictions. Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellington pointed out that this ruling was the first time a white police officer was held responsible for killing a black man in Minnesota. The attorney general thanked everyone who had peacefully advocated justice and change across the US since George Floyd's death: "I urge everyone to continue on this path."

Biden was on the phone with Floyd's family

US President Joe Biden said that evening that they had come a step further in the tug-of-war between the high ideals of the United States and brutal reality. He had previously telephoned the George Floyds family, with whom he has been in discreet contact since Floyd's funeral. But the verdict is not enough, said the US president, to bring about real change and reform. "We can and must do more to reduce the likelihood that tragedies like this will ever happen again. And to do this, we must recognize and counter systemic racism."

(Imago MediaPunch) Death of Duante Wright - Sports teams in Minneapolis postpone games
Last year, the agonizing death of George Floyd from police violence sparked protests across the United States. Now another black man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. The local sports teams responded immediately.

The US President also called on the Senate to pass the Police Reform Act. The law has been on hold for months because of opposition from Republicans, including against the lifting of the police's limited immunity. Resistance is also coming from the police unions. The system works, said the representative of the largest police union after the verdict.

In Minneapolis and neighboring states, thousands of National Guards and police officers had been mobilized prior to the jury's verdict. Many of them are allowed to stay on site. Tomorrow, 20-year-old Duante Wright will be buried in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Heights. He died at the end of a traffic stop, like 121 US citizens last year, mostly black and Latinos.