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Between all the popular characters like Tyrion Lannister and Eddard Stark, many Game of Thrones fans often forget Robert Baratheon, who died in the first season. But the former King of the Andals and the First Men were quite interesting and his reign in Westeros is making waves until the eighth season of the fantasy series. Find out in our biography about King Robert why he is so important to the plot.

Robert Baratheon was the king of Westeros. He won the throne when the Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen supposedly kidnapped his fiancée Lyanna Stark. He wanted his lover back and went to war with his friend Eddard and the other Starks.

I don't mean to honor you. I want you to rule my kingdom while I eat, drink, and whore me prematurely in the crypt.

Robert Baratheon to Eddard Stark when he appoints him to the hand of the king.

After the usurpation, Robert was crowned, but Lyanna was dead. So he married Cersei Lannister. He has three children with her - or so he thought. The truth is that the children are from Cersei and her brother Jaime, so Robert has no rightful heir, just numerous bastards.

Robert Baratheon's death

Robert found his death hunting in the Königswald. He was impaled by a boar that he tried to kill. He then dies from his injuries. Due to the unexplained situation of his successor and the doubts about Joffrey Baratheon's (his supposed son) claim to the throne, the war of the five kings begins.

Robert himself wasn't a good king and he knew that. He was cheerful and liked to drink alcohol, like to eat and to roam the town's brothels. As a result, he has sired countless bastards, Gendry is the only one who plays an important role in the series.

The legacy of the Baratheons

Robert's strengths are his charisma and skill in combat. He lost his fighting skills over time. His brother Stannis is as talented in combat as Robert, but has no charisma and the youngest brother of the three, Renly, shares the charisma with Robert and is useless in combat.

The complicated succession to the throne of Robert Baratheon ensures that some kings in Westeros consider themselves the legitimate heirs. His brothers do not support each other and Cersei does not want to give up the crown at any price. Even the Starks, former allies of Robert Baratheon, are making a claim. The shattered situation also makes it easier for the Greyjoy and Targaryens to justify their claim and envision opportunities for themselves.

Baratheon's illegitimate son Gendry is legitimized by Daenerys in GoT Season 8 and named the rightful Lord of Storm's Cape. Storm Cape historically belonged to the Baratheons and is considered very wealthy. So although Robert Baratheon died believing he would have no descendants of his own, at the end of Game of Thrones his son is the only survivor of the House of Baratheon at the helm of Storm's Cape.

Mark Addy plays Robert Baratheon

The performer of King Robert is Mark Addy. Addy is known from the movie "All or Not" (The Full Monty). Like almost every British actor, he also appeared in an episode of Doctor Who. He played the lead role of Fred Flintstone in "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" and in the US sitcom Still Standing he played the lead role of father Bill Miller.

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