What is Nutanix's architecture

Nutanix offers more power, more security and more show

The second and final day of this year's Nutanix .Next Conference has come to an end. On the first day, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey spoke about the partnerships with AWS and Microsoft, as you can read here. The goal: Nutanix wants to create a seamless user experience from the public via the hybrid to the private cloud with simple, secure software.

On the second day, the specialist for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) focused on new functionalities of its existing software solutions. According to the company, these are currently used by 17,000 customers worldwide.

"For the past several years, our senior engineers have been working on a complete overhaul of AOS," said Rajiv Mirani, CTO Cloud Platforms at Nutanix. AOS stands for Acropolis Operating System - the operating system for Nutanix HCI solutions.

With the further development of the HCI architecture, the manufacturer promises an increase in performance of 50 percent. Specifically, the architecture can now use new storage technologies such as NVMe-based SSDs and Intel's Optane SSDs.

This results in lower latency, which in turn increases the performance of input / output-intensive tasks. This refers to large databases or upscaled applications, for example in the healthcare sector. According to the CTO, complex applications such as SAP Hana or Epic Systems would also benefit from this.

Easier administration

At the same time, Nutanix also wants to make administration easier. For example, the new block store technology should enable self-administration of storage with significantly higher efficiency than with traditional file systems.

To better support IT teams and developers, the company also launched a new version of the Prism management solution. Prism Ultimate adds new features in the areas of application analysis and automation. In this way, users could eliminate application-specific infrastructure bottlenecks, for example.

Prism Ultimate is also designed to help reduce IT costs. For example, by transparently showing the consumption of cloud IT resources. "With Prism Ultimate we are also opening up our monitoring functions to third-party environments," added Mirani. This also included widespread virtualization stacks. This would give Nutanix customers a central view of their entire infrastructure, including legacy infrastructure environments.

More safety

Nutanix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso committed to the safety of its customers. One of the issues is ransomware. "Even if you haven't been a victim of ransomware, you should still have an emergency strategy ready," said Mirani.

To help with this, Nutanix added features to detect and block known ransomware solutions. To help with recovery after an emergency, the solution now also generates unchangeable snapshots. It also supports WORM storage (write once read multiple) for critical data and backups.

The newly announced Flow Security Central is intended to help comply with compliance requirements and also to implement a zero trust strategy. This is a centralized SaaS-based management solution, as the company reports.

Thanks to compliance monitoring, network transparency and security processes in private clouds based on Nutanix and also in public cloud environments, users receive a complete overview of the current security situation. And that "in a simple way", promises Nutanix.

Further security features are currently under development. Including an extension of the native key manager and native data encryption. This is to enable a simplified and secure environment for Edge and "Remote Office / Branch Office" implementations.

A final show

To round off this year's occasion, Nutanix presented the .Next-Show. A mixture of performances by various artists - including the magician Justin Willman from Magic for Humans and Marc Martell, the singing voice of Freddie Mercury in the film "Bohemian Rhapsody". For the show, conference host Georgie Barrat received support from Trevor Noah from the Daily Show.

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show. (Source: Screenshot)

The magician Justin Willman with a "floating ball". (Source: Screenshot)

Marc Martell sing "We are the Champions" by the band Queen. (Source: Screenshot)