Can you bend chords on a violin

Three notes on the violin?

Depends on the era. Baroque violins had a less curved bridge and less string tension. This made it easier to play three notes at once without sounding out of line.

The given chord is a bit unusual, but can be fingered in second place as 4-2-1 on GDA strings. This is where it gets strange: This is called "easy can-can" and a chord in the second Position would normally not be considered "easy". It's not much of a distortion, but requiring the correct chord pitches in double and triple stops (or more) takes a lot of practice because you can't automatically correct in the same way that you can with individual notes and the second position is unusual .

By and large, this looks fishy in terms of surface value. CEC fingered in the first position, as 3-1-2 seems more plausible. Or CGC as 3-3-2 (violins with their curved fingerboard are a bit more accessible than guitars for partial barrées), but that lacks the major.

While arpeggating chords on the violin, you do it with the bow and without refinging in between and without playing two notes one after the other on the same string.

So if this is intended to be played on a single instrument, it would indicate that it needs to be played in second position (which slightly mismatches the "easy" tag) or is being transcribed incorrectly.