What does Peloton cost

Peloton in the test: is the luxury spinning bike worth it for at home?

Already a big trend in the USA, and now also in Germany since 2019: Peloton is revolutionizing the fitness market with the interactive spinning bike.

The concept: With the peloton bike, users can take part in spinning courses from their living room - live or on demand. Not only does the trainer cheer you on on the large display, but you can also compete with your fellow competitors. That motivates to top performance!

The most important things at a glance

  • Peloton is a company founded in 2012 that couples fitness bikes with digital spinning courses.
  • You can train in live or on-demand courses on the screen. Around 30 new courses are added every day.
  • Price of the Peloton bike: available from 2,145 euros. With a starter set including shoes, dumbbells and headphones from 2,295 euros. In addition, there is a monthly fee of 39 euros for the courses: Several family members can then log in here.
  • The Peleton Bike + is new, starting at € 2,690, for live cardio and full-body workouts. It has a rotatable touchscreen screen with a 360-degree range of motion, auto-follow resistance and integration of the Apple GymKit. Here, too, a course subscription is required for 39 euros.
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Is it just as fun to do spinning at home? And does it replace the spinning class or even the gym? We tested the Peloton Bike extensively for four weeks.

Order and assembly

"Choose your bike set": a few clicks later we are at the virtual cash register. Welcome to Peloton! Before we can think about the high price, the bike has already been ordered.

Practical: The classy high-tech bike is delivered within a few days and completely assembled and set up on site. Technical skills? Are not necessary. The Peloton company makes things as easy as possible for its customers. Don't set up anything, don't drag anything, just connect it and go.

First impression of the Peloton bike

Visually, the peloton is already a real eye-catcher with the 21-inch full HD screen. But what about in terms of quality? At 61.2 kg, the Peloton bike is not a lightweight. However, this also makes it look robust. In addition, the adjustment options, such as the height of the seat, make a stable impression. Only the click fastener on the shoes looks less high-quality.

With indoor bikes in particular, there is concern that the volume can still be heard by the neighbors while riding. This concern is unfounded with the Peloton Bike, because the cycling is barely audible thanks to the neodymium magnet system.

Spinning courses at Peloton

Let's get to the heart of Peloton: the range of courses. Compared to a local live spinning course, there is a huge range of courses here: from beginner rides to sweaty intervals.

Around 30 new courses are added every day, i.e. around 900 courses a month. The on-demand courses offer the option of filtering based on preferences, such as length of workout, music style or trainer.

There are also special courses for beginners. Those who like to be there live are guided by the "online timetable", which has so far been based on the American time zone. The courses are mainly in English, but there is now also a selection of German courses.

This is how a spinning course works

Fancy a 30-minute hip-hop ride? Let's go! At the start, the trainers explain how to set the resistance and what the numbers on the board mean. After a warm-up and a little chat, the resistance is increased.

Although the drops of sweat run off your forehead quickly, the cool beats and the “instructor” motivate you to get the most out of yourself. “Just hold out for a minute,” shouts from the loudspeakers. In between there is a virtual hand clap from a fellow campaigner, which we are happy to respond.

During the entire training we also see all competitors in a ranking list on the screen. If you don't want to be exposed to the comparison, you can hide the bar. By the way, all spinning courses always include a warm-up. The cool-down is comparatively short, but can be dealt with separately with corresponding short kisses.

After the workout, each participant rates their course according to difficulty. In the on-demand course, other users can get an impression of what intensity is in store for them.

More functions and courses

Can the Peloton bike also be used as a normal bicycle ergometer? Yes! Either you drive according to performance values ​​(wattage, revolutions and kilometers) or you choose one of the panorama tours, such as. B. "30 minutes panoramic ride in Costa Rica".

However, these tours are not comparable to road trips like with "Zwift". "Sightseeing" is more in the foreground here. There are no other competitors, or even a competition.

In addition to spinning courses, Peloton also offers fitness courses such as yoga, strength workouts and meditations. The countless videos from over ten workout types are available via web browser or peloton screen. But users can also train in German and English via Android TV, Fire TV or Apple TV.

The extra features of the new Peloton Bike +

The Peloton Bike + has recently been launched, starting at € 2,690, with a further version that, with a few extras, should make training on the ground even easier: This includes, above all, the 2.3-inch larger touchscreen with a 360-degree range of motion.

This can also be turned away from the bike so that you can train on the other side on the ground, for example with additional equipment. In addition, the screen is equipped with loudspeakers at the front and rear, which have a lot of power. Alternatively, headphones can also be connected.

The space required for the training device is officially the same at 120 by 60 centimeters - unless you also want plenty of space in front of the bike for yoga and workouts.

On request, Peloton can deliver a very stylish and handy dumbbell set, resistance bands, as well as yoga mat and block directly in the package with the Bike + for 2,995 euros.

In addition, two gigabytes more RAM are installed and, compared to the predecessor, there is Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity instead of 4.0. An 8-megapixel front camera with privacy protection for video chats with friends or the community replaces the 5-megapixel camera. However, these subtle differences between the two bikes are not extremely noticeable.

However, the Bike + comes with a practical resistance knob with auto-follow functionality: This allows home athletes to concentrate fully on the driving experience without having to follow the trainer's instructions for resistance control - as this is set automatically.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can simply hold it to the screen and connect it to the Bike +. Key figures such as heart rate, power and more are exchanged between the two devices.

Conclusion on the Peloton Bike +: The plus features are quite attractive, but for us personally they are not worth an extra 550 euros compared to the Peloton bike from the first hour. After all, all courses can be called up on both bikes with a Peloton subscription and if you need a larger screen or miss the tilt function, you can also call up the courses on your laptop or TV. You can also easily regulate the resistance yourself, it is not difficult.

The proud peloton award

  • The bike currently costs 2,145 euros, excluding shoes and dumbbells (including delivery, setup and one year warranty).
  • The Bike + costs around 2,690 euros without shoes and dumbbells (including delivery, setup and one year warranty).
  • In addition, there is 39 euros per month for access to all courses (live and on-demand, usable for the whole family).
  • Both the bike and the Bike + can be tested at home for 30 days without obligation (free pick-up and full refund).

Peloton offers financing over 36 months through Klarna. That means: From 55 euros per month for the peloton bike plus 39 euros course fee.

Are there alternatives to Peloton?

So far it looks rather poor when it comes to alternatives. For example, the "NordicTrack Indoor Cycle S10i" is comparable, which is also very expensive at 2,299 euros.

Another alternative is paceheads. Here you can rent bike trainers from Wahoo and then let off steam in the Zwift app, for example. A number of indoor bikes can now also be linked to Zwift or Kinomap. Your indoor bike is connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or ANT +. So you can train virtually with others or take part in competitions. The subscription with Zwift currently costs 15 euros a month, with Kinomap it is 9.99 euros.

We have put together other alternatives in this article.

Indoor bikes that can be linked to apps:

Model under 1,000 euros

Model under 700 euros

Model under 500 euros

Conclusion: cool bike, great courses, but expensive fun

Pro: Great trainers, community & courses - not just for cyclists

Without question: the Peloton Bike is the luxury cardio machine for at home. The biggest advantage of this is: You don't have to rely on a course at 6:30 p.m., but the course starts when you are ready.

The spinning sessions are great fun and the trainers are super motivating. With the yoga and strength workouts, Peloton can be a real alternative to the gym. It is particularly worthwhile if the bike is used by several people at home. Then the price is put into perspective again (somewhat).

The community at Peloton is also thrilling - even if the German community is not that big yet.

Cons: Expensive and space-consuming

However, if you find it difficult to make your way through to the spinning course at all, you should think twice about buying it. The biggest minus point is the price. For the amount, almost two gym memberships are in it.

In addition, the bike takes up more space in the apartment than you might think. The training device requires a footprint of 120 cm x 60 cm. Since it weighs more than 61 kilograms, you can't just move it around.

From a training science point of view, it should also be borne in mind: The courses are mostly highly intensive. This can be tiring in the long run. Here it is up to you to sprinkle lighter units yourself in between - or maybe to do a stretch, yoga or meditation course.

Overall conclusion: cool bike, great courses, but an expensive proposition.

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