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Midnight surprise: Eminem releases new album

Midnight surprise: Eminem releases new album

Eminem has released his tenth album "Kamikaze" without prior notice. In it he settles accounts with his critics and Donald Trump.

Out of the blue, Eminem released his tenth studio album "Kamikaze" on Friday. The thirteen songs were written by his longtime collaborator Dr. Dre produces.

In the past few years, Eminem had disappointed with forays into pop music. Last year's “Revival” made it to first place on the Billboard charts, but was barely received by critics. Eminem tried unsuccessfully as a singer on some songs, alienating the voice with autotune. The Detroit rapper mostly keeps his hands off that on Kamikaze, and instead focuses on old strengths such as creative rhymes and fast spoken vocals. The first track "The Ringer" is promising and shows Eminem eloquent and aggressive. Mumblecore, the currently popular mumbled chant by younger rappers, gave the 45-year-old a clear rejection: “Do you have any idea, how much I hate this choppy flow, everyone copies though? Probably no. " Lil Yachty and Lil Pump are laughed at as copies of better rappers and Drake is targeted for alleged ghostwriters. Even President Donald Trump and Vice Mike Pence do not get away with it. Eminem raps so fast that on tracks like "Alike" the intelligibility suffers. Too bad, because the word games would largely convince.

The most surprising collaboration can be found on the song "Fall", to which Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver contributes the chorus. The singer was also featured on Kanye West's “Lost in the World”, but is more known for indie experiments. The song would have been a good ending because Eminem runs out of energy on the last few tracks. "Nice Guy" and "Good Guy" are weak songs that you can safely skip.

«Kamikaze» is convincing in the first round, but loses its appeal after repeated listening. The album shows Eminem in an upward trend, but does not stand up to a comparison with his big records.