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(Bogus) self-employment

The German pension insurance was commissioned by the legislature to decide for itself whether someone is an employee with regular contributions or a self-employed person with fluctuating income. This leads to quite one-sided results.

Most mistakes happen when filling out the questionnaires for the German Pension Insurance. On the one hand, the questions are often illogical (double questions), unclear, on the other hand, due to a lack of experience, one usually does not know what the question is aimed at. Example V0027 Question 1.9: Are you self-employed in addition to the contractual relationship to be assessed and does the "work" (!) Income from this activity represent the major part of your total income? Self-employed "yes", predominant income "no". How should this question be answered correctly?

Sources of error are also problematic contracts. It is often stated at the beginning that the contractor should be able to freely dispose of his work through independence, a few paragraphs later it says that the client can freely allocate him according to his discretion with regard to working hours and work location and the contractor can allocate his "work" performance has to provide personally. Many self-employed people do not have a convincing corporate image on the market. There is no internet presence, no letterhead, etc. The German pension insurance falls and relies on such formal criteria because they are easily recognizable.

Many self-employed people let the client stipulate all conditions for them without negotiating about them. What is the difference to a collective bargaining employee? RA Weiß advises and represents you in corporate positioning, contract drafting, questionnaires as well as in objection and litigation proceedings.

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