Are you a good self teacher

    With the start of the summer vacation, Peter Mayböhm, teacher and headmaster of the John F. Kennedy School Bad Vilbel, is saying goodbye to colleagues, employees and his students into un-retirement.

    He is valued by his colleagues, respected by his parents, and loved by his students. Even as adults, long after leaving school, they ask his advice. Peter Mayböhm is a teacher and head of the John F. Kennedy School (JFK) out of enthusiasm and loves his job. With the beginning of the summer vacation on June 30th, he will retire.

    “The first years of my career had a positive impact on me, and it still has an effect today. As a teacher, I am a service provider for children and parents. My motto is: If the children are doing well, then the teachers are doing well too. "

    Born in Schwalheim (now part of Bad Nauheim) in 1952 as the son of a worker at Degussa and an office worker at the watch manufacturer T&N, Peter Mayböhm grew up in the Frankfurt districts of Oberrad and Enkheim. He attends the Leibnitz-Gymnasium in Offenbach, is doing his Abitur, "in 1971 we were the first Abi class at the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium" in Bad Vilbel.

    “From high school on, I wavered between studying psychology and studying to become a teacher. Uncle Leo, himself a teacher in Hanau, said: 'The longer you are a teacher, the nicer it will be because you don't have to prepare as much lessons.' Wants to offer lessons and changes to the school management.

    Patience till you drop

    At the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Peter Mayböhm is studying art and English for secondary level I. “I chose the middle level because I always wanted to work with children and this is about my subjects teaching and social learning. I am a born handicraft teacher who always enjoys the craft sector a lot. Just like my job, which I still really enjoy today. And I'm proud of the good atmosphere at my JFK. It results in great student performance. "

    He inherited and refined his positive attitude “stop complaining”. After the second state examination in December 1977, he has half a position each at the Enkheimer Riedschule and at the Anna-Schmidt-Schule (ASS) in downtown Frankfurt, where he has been a teacher for 16 years since 1978. In 1994 he changed to the Bornheimer Realschule as a civil servant and in 2002 as deputy headmaster to the JFK, where he became provisional headmaster in 2007 and headmaster in 2008.

    “I chose JFK because of the type of school with a special level, secondary school and secondary school, the manageable school size with 600 students and the Bad Vilbel school location.” As the headmaster, it always helped him that he had “patience until he waved” himself I don't take all my energy seriously for my students and colleagues, but I don't sacrifice myself for the job.

    Because of his origins, he understood the needs and weaknesses of children, for whom everything is not self-evident. “I draw boundaries, that's why my job doesn't eat me up. And I don't complain, not even in strenuous phases. "

    Then comes cancer

    During his school days he trained twelve trainee teachers, because I enjoy working with younger people. ”He always kept a distinction between professional and private life. "I have only one friend from my entire school career, my friend Dieter."

    “The diagnosis came in the third week of Easter holidays in 2016,” Mayböhm reports of a severe blow of fate. His plans to work an extra year have overturned his cancer.

    “I saw my cancer as part of my life. I didn't need this experience, but embraced it and accepted it. I came back to school after my operations because it took me the last six months to say goodbye to my JFK, my 540 students, 45 teachers and my job. Before that, I missed the feeling of being needed. My job was always the focus. Now the thing is round for me, and a new phase of life begins. I'm breaking new ground with my wife. "

    Mayböhm keeps himself fit with strength and endurance training and playing golf. “I am an athlete and a relationship person.” Peter Mayböhm is a blues and rock fan and an art lover. In his apartment, pictures by his two favorite painters, James Rizzi from New York and Jörg Eyfferth from Hanau, hang on the walls between sculptures by other artists.