How do I make an anonymous blog

Big bad anonymous internet?

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Sometimes, but only sometimes, I wish I would blog anonymously. Just write about everything without regard to others.

Then I could get upset about what is going on in my head and sometimes even robbing me of sleep or about what is haunted in my head and what I cannot really grasp at the moment. Then there is someone I'm worried about even though we don't even know each other, someone I don't have to worry about and a few people I like to chat with (but that has nothing to do with anonymous blogging).

If I blogged anonymously now, I could just write all that down, but then I would have to forego a lot of feedback that I get offline - and I don't want that either.

But ... what is actually anonymous? There is a blogger - and I can write about her here without any problems, because she blogs anonymously and is only included in the "I like to chat with" category above - who writes wonderful texts (oh be quiet, Search, you can deny it as much as you want, that's how it is). She blogs anonymously, does not post any photos of herself on the Internet and is careful not to reveal any details about herself.

Others are not so careful, a few days ago I stumbled upon the blog of a 15-year-old who naturally uploaded a class photo - of course not without giving at least a few names.

The great thing about the Internet is that all generations can meet and discuss, chat and exchange ideas. Gender, age, place of residence, social status - it doesn't matter, even if the question about age comes up at some point and 30-40 year olds surprisingly discover that they have been talking to no less surprised 15-18 year olds about the same interests. People who would otherwise probably never befriend each other find that you can exchange ideas on all kinds of topics if the specific parameters of the interlocutor are initially reduced to a username.

Many things are exchanged and discussed in such a joint discussion. Things that the cautious group of bloggers would probably never write about in public. Nothing forbidden or really private and everything is harmless.

I like this exchange, the communication with completely different people, some of whom are even located in other corners of the world. Insights into semi-professional photo shoots, teenage problems (which are reminiscent of their own youth and are so insignificant from today's perspective) or adults who just write total nonsense with each other and have fun. The "young generation" can get advice from "the older ones" without worrying about tomorrow - you don't know each other personally and if you don't want to speak to someone anymore, you just ignore or delete the messages.

However, this freedom does have a downside: Anyone who not only wants to enjoy casual communication and other people, but also participates in such communication with ulterior motives, will quickly find out personal data.

Snippets of information such as "I have autumn vacation now, but will be back to school next week" - a look at the vacation calendar is enough to limit the anonymous blogger to a few federal states. "I'm going to XYZ at the weekend, but I'm really not in the mood for a 5-hour drive" - ​​what is about 5 hours by car from XYZ, plus the list of federal states and the region has already become very small. So it goes on and suddenly an eager data collector could know exactly which school he has to stand in front of to see the nice girl from the photo "live" on the Internet. Let's just hope that he actually just wants to see her.

It doesn't matter to me, and for two reasons: I don't post my address on the blog, but there are very quick and no hidden references to my place of residence, my life is partially published and everything else I write online is either somewhere in this blog or I could write it without any problems. Second, I'm grown up and (at least I hope) not necessarily the typical target for stalkers anymore, they are more likely to fall into the category (and please don't beat me for it) "schoolgirl".

Meetings are actually planned with one or the other online acquaintance in the "RealLife", but most of them do not necessarily fall into the category mentioned (or, Erik?), The meetings are discussed together and we (my wife, Zoe and possibly also Bea) will probably fly there, with no ulterior motive, only with the desire to meet in person and to "chat" without a keyboard, maybe to take a few photos that surpass my photography skills by far.

I also have children and for Bea the "Internet" problem will never arise, but in 3 to 4 years Zoe will venture her steps into the worldwide online world. To be honest, I don't know how to or will deal with it. At first it is easy, but at the latest when it reaches double digits, we will hardly be able to control what it is doing online. Only timely clarification and hope will help here.

I thought about writing this post and in the end I did, at the risk that the good contacts and the nice conversations will suffer (which I hope not).