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WhatsApp - 6 alternative apps to the popular messenger

Facebook has for barely $ 16 billion the popular messenger service Whatsapp and bought all the employees behind it. After the one billion dollar Instagram buy-out, WhatsApp is Mark Zuckerberg's next spectacular purchase. But with such a purchase, Facebook can also drive away some of the previous WhatsApp users who do not believe in Facebook. These are then on the lookout for Alternatives to the free messenger. In this article, we will briefly introduce 4 free alternatives to WhatsApp.

What is the WhatsApp Messenger?

For those who don't know WhatsApp yet, an explanation. Where Facebook is a huge social network with a lot of options like creating groups, new fan pages, a news feed, and so on, WhatsApp is a super-simplistic form of social network. Messenger of this type usually perform a specific task without any frills. With WhatsApp, it's connecting with friends and that send free short messages in real time. That's all. Simple applications like WhatsApp have the advantage for developers that they can focus on just one function instead of hundreds. For users, this simplification means: an immediate understanding of what the app is intended for and how it works.

6 best alternatives to WhatsApp

But now we come to the alternatives to sending free notifications via an app. The following examples were suggested by the well-known online magazine Mashable, among others. All alternative apps to WhatsApp (including Skype, but not listed) meet a certain standard, the same function as WhatsApp and differ only minimally, apart from their appearance from the popular messenger platform. Have fun exploring.

1. Viber app

Viber was recently sold for $ 900 million and is enjoying itself thanks to free text messages and Voice messages great popularity. In addition, as with Skype, users can make calls outside the messenger. These Landline calls or on mobile phones, however, just like Skype, extra charges of around 1.9 cents per minute to landlines. The app is very fast and looks great. If Viber could be something for you, then this goes to the Viber website.


2. Kik app

In contrast to the other messenger services, users of Kik do not provide their phone number to sign in. The service has a user base of just under 100 million and was originally developed for the Blackberry in Canada in 2009. Of course, the Kik Messenger has nothing to do with the clothing store of the same name. If you are interested in Kik, here is the Kik Messenger website.


3. WeChat app

WeChat is a Chinese provider and is developing more and more into a social network, i.e. with extended functions such as Facebook or other similar services. Users benefit from messaging, photo sharing, group chatting, voice and video calling, location sharing and a friend discovery function. Personally, I prefer one of the other instant messengers. If you are interested in the Chinese messenger provider, here is the English WeChat website.


4. Tango

The Tango Messenger. Can you dance tango here? No not true. However, the app looks a bit like the hot dance - at least from the orange look and feel. Tango has also decided in the last few months and years to transform itself from a "one-function" app to a social network. Text services, video and voice calls, photo sharing, in-app games, friend discovery and the support of the Spotify-Music streaming services are part of the app's repertoire. If you are interested in Tango Messenger - this way.

5. Telegram Messenger

The Telegram Messenger puts its focus on speed and security, by which in particular data protection is meant. Under the motto "taking back our right to privacy“Telegram tries to address a consciously acting user group. Messages are from Telegram encrypted and can be sent with a "Self-destruct function“Be provided. Another practical advantage over WhatsApp is that the messages are also stored in the cloud and can therefore be accessed by various devices such as tablets and smartphones. There is also no size limit for media attachments. There are already 5-10 million installations on Google Play. So far, the service is completely free and without advertising. We hope it stays that way. This is the way to the telegram.org website.

6. Threema (Chargeable)

The Threema short message app also relies on "Seriously secure mobile messaging“And is one of the few messengers whose headquarters and servers are not in the USA but in the Switzerland. It will be a End to end encryption used so that only the sender and recipient can actually see the messages. Even Threema doesn't even know what you're writing in your messages. Unfortunately, there is not so much security for free, but for a fair amount 1,60 € you can buy the app in the Google Play Store. Since the takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook, the app seems to have gone through the roof in terms of popularity, as reported by focus.de. At times, Threema was even # 1 in the list of the most popular paid apps on Google Play. This is the way to the Threema website.

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