Do I have to be on Facebook

"Welcome to Facebook" - what you have to consider when registering

If you want to use Facebook, you first have to register for free. This is possible from a minimum age of 13 years. Users between the ages of 13 and 17 receive a minor account.

Registration is possible directly on the Facebook homepage. The following mandatory information is requested there, which must be provided for successful registration:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • E-mail address
  • New Password
  • gender
  • Date of birth

The further registration process extends over three steps, with various personal data being requested. This serves, on the one hand, to find friends directly and to be found more quickly, and on the other hand, to design your own profile.
However, this information is not mandatory, but voluntary information. It is advisable to leave it at first entering the mandatory information. All other dates can, if desired, be given later at any time.

It should be carefully considered which private data should be passed on to Facebook or shared with other Facebook users. Especially at a time when data protection in connection with Internet offers is repeatedly criticized and a loose data processing is criticized, users should handle personal information carefully and possibly not publish it on the Internet.

In the first step of registration, Facebook offers the option of finding personal friends on Facebook as quickly as possible by comparing them with your personal email account. To do this, the user has to enter the personal password for the email account and Facebook transfers the contact data stored there. In this way, possible matches between the e-mail addresses of your own friends and Facebook users who are already registered are determined. However, data from non-members are also stored permanently and without being asked.

Although Facebook guarantees that the password will not be saved, this process should be avoided by clicking "Skip this step". The e-mail address book and the friends' data in it are private. After clicking on "Skip this step" (see below), a second confirmation window appears. Click here on "Skip".

Profile information and profile photo

In the second step, new profile information can optionally be added. Whether these are later visible to others in the profile depends on which security settings the user selects later. At this point, too, users should critically ask themselves what relevance or necessity bswp. has the information provided by the employer. In the third and last step, a profile picture of the user can be uploaded. This can also be postponed to a later date.

After the last step of registration, the user will be taken to his personal Facebook homepage. In order to be able to finally complete the registration, a link must be confirmed, which Facebook sends the user by email to the address given when registering.

Registration is complete after successful confirmation.