How can I make my beard smoother

Smoothen a beard - this is how a whiskered beard becomes a woman's magnet

Do you want your beard to be your figurehead? The women should fly on your full beard and with it you. Your whiskers stick out in all directions and you don't know how to tame your wild beard. Then it's time to tame your facial hair by straightening it out. The beard straightening takes place in several steps and in the end the result will both surprise you and convince you completely.

Bad Beard Day - not with us! In the next few minutes you will read everything about taking care of your full beard and how you can make it a stylish companion for your everyday life. Soft, scented and beautiful to look at, this is your full beard of the future. Don't miss out on this rosy outlook!

Washing your beard is the first step

The beard shampoo with nourishing substances that give your beard suppleness should definitely not be missing in your bathroom! Then wash your facial fur every three days with the shampoo of your choice. In the meantime, the natural sebum production can be used as a perfect complement to the beard shampoo and its ingredients. Because your facial skin produces nourishing substances even without your intervention, such as sebum, which ensures that the full beard is always gently re-greased. If this function is not excessive or if the skin is too dry, the sebum provides an optimal environment.

Of course, you can balance both the excessive production and the underactive sebum with the right beard shampoo. Because your beard should neither be dust dry nor super greasy. You can compensate for this with the right beard shampoo and of course a beard oil, but you can find out more about this in our special texts on the respective care products.

A nourishing beard oil is the next step towards a smooth beard

As you can see, the first steps towards a smooth beard are all about softening your beard hair. Basically, a soft full beard is the best argument, even for women, to love it. In addition to the beard shampoo, it is the beard oil that you need to straighten your facial hair.

Like shampoo, beard oil is a very nourishing product. In contrast, it should be used daily. Because the nourishing oil gives your beard the strength to withstand harmful environmental influences and also makes it smell good. It is an extremely important pre-beard straightening care product in preparation for straightening the beard, in the course of using straightening irons and hairdryers. In addition to your hair, it also cares for the skin under your facial hair. The nourishing ingredients in beard oil are very diverse. We explain more about this in our article on beard oil.

The hair dryer and the straightening iron ensure smooth beard hair

After the preparations are complete, you can actually begin straightening your whiskers. There are two methods for doing this. To do it with the hair dryer and straightening iron, you may have to buy a round brush or simply steal it from your friend. Most men are unlikely to have a mini straightener at home. But you can certainly order one on the Internet, because a normal straightening iron is simply too unwieldy for straightening your full beard.

Straighten your beard with your hair dryer

The simplest method consists of using a round brush and a commercially available hair dryer. The only important thing here is that the heat can be regulated so that the hair is not damaged by excessive heat. Your beard, which is still slightly damp, is combed through completely with the round bust after showering. Then you pick up the tips of the hair with the brush head. This allows the hair to be pulled long and thus brought into a smooth shape by the heat of the hairdryer. If the stubborn hair is tamed, it can be fixed with a beard wax or a good pomade.

Smooth beard thanks to straightening irons

Does your beard look like a sheepskin? Then it's best to grab the straightening iron quickly. You probably already know this device from representatives of the female sex. As mentioned above, these straighteners are usually too big to use for straightening a beard. So it is best to look around for a mini straightening iron, it is even better if its contact surfaces are coated with ceramic.

In contrast to straightening your facial hair with a blow dryer, it is very important with straightening irons that the hair is properly dry. Your beard hair is prepared again with the round brush and now you start at the roots of the hair. The hot iron is then slowly and evenly pulled towards the tip of the bar. Then apply beard oil and admire the result!