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Depression is a state of persistent depression (from the Latin deprimere = to depress). In contrast to a temporary low mood, as everyone knows, the depression lasts longer, at least longer than two weeks. In addition, the person concerned cannot free himself from this deep soul. Mood lows in healthy people who z. B. caused by a loss, a conflict or a high workload, usually disappear when the cause of the depression has been resolved or the loss has been processed. Depression, on the other hand, can occur through various triggers; a possible genetic predisposition increases the risk. Serious illness, difficult living conditions or the loss of a job are all possible causes of depression.

A serious clinical picture

Around four million people across Germany suffer from a depressive illness.

This mental illness occurs much more frequently than assumed. The number of untreated cases is probably even higher. Many sufferers shy away from going to the doctor out of shame. In addition, the clinical picture is very complex and therefore difficult to diagnose. Depression is by no means an imaginary illness, but a serious clinical picture that must be treated at an early stage in order to restore the quality of life and to avert further harm, including suicidal intentions.