How do I find my gas supplier

How do I find out who my gas provider is?

Gas prices have risen in recent years. For households that want to save, there is often only one thing left: to switch gas providers in order to pay less than before. But not every German citizen also knows who is his own gas supplier. However, this is necessary in order to be able to switch at all.

In most cases, households in Germany are paid via the Basic utility tariff of the municipal utilities supplied with gas.

In the meantime these are only rarely called public utilities, but if the landlord does not have a contract with another provider, they are among the main providers of rental apartments.

How to find out

Finding out your own gas provider is very easy.

This is in the letterhead of the annual statement. In some cases, monthly bills are also due. As a rule, the respective company is of course also printed here.

In addition, at some point, either by yourself or the landlord, a contract was concluded with a gas supplier.

The current gas provider can thus be found out quickly. Simply speak to the landlord briefly and maybe also take a look at your own rental agreement. Sometimes the gas contract partner is explicitly named.

My gas provider is too expensive - what should I do?

The bill flutters into the house and there is a risk of back payment. At this point at the latest, it is time to think about who your own gas supplier is. If this is actually too expensive, a change of provider can be considered.

This is no longer as bureaucratic and full of hurdles as it used to be. Switching gas providers is very easy today. Only one thing is important for this: a new gas supplier must be found before the old contract is terminated. Otherwise you will suddenly find yourself without gas after the notice period has expired because no new contract has been concluded with another supplier.

But even that is actually not entirely correct. Because if the worst comes to the worst, as long as there is still a connection available, a basic provider if necessary - with what is certainly the most expensive tariff. Details can be found in Section 3 of the GasGVV or “understandable” from the Federal Network Agency.

Change the gas provider

Once you have found out your own gas provider and found that it is too expensive, you can change it. However, this is usually only possible if the contract was concluded directly with the gas supplier.

If, on the other hand, the contract runs through the landlord, it must be discussed with him whether a change of gas provider is possible. One thing is clear: even if the landlord takes over the process of changing gas supplies, savings can still be made indirectly.

Compare gas providers before switching

Simply switching gas providers blindly is the wrong way to go.

It is recommended to look around for a new gas supplier using - our - gas supplier comparison. The various key data such as average consumption can also be entered here.

These are important in order to be able to see the bottom line how cheaper a potential new gas supplier would really be compared to the previous one.

The average consumption can also be read from the annual bills of the current gas provider. Depending on the gas consumption, some suppliers also offer special savings tariffs.

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